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Talking in Stations
Talking in Stations
CSM13 Solar Taranogas

Character Created: 2011/07/24

Corp/Alliance: Korrupted Gaming/The Watchmen.
Country: Canada
Eve-Who: Link
zKillboard: Link

Candidate Self Description

1) Enough with the nerfing already! CCP’s over-reliance on “balancing” is an admission that they can’t create their way out of a problem. It is an unsatisfying experience for a player and is counter-intuitive. You don’t see Harley Davidson changing their bikes because they are too “Boss” and unfair to the competition!

2)Why isn’t AFK an OK style to play? Players already police that and if AFK isking generates too much isk… I dunno, maybe create something desirable in game that a player might want to spend that isk on? Let’s make carrier ratting great again!

3)Is new player retention any better? For those new to EVE, let’s give them the option of joining an NPC corp as usual. Or better yet, they could choose to join an established player corp. Corporations could apply to be on “Intake” for a week at a time, with new players able to join a corp sorted for language, timezone and play style. This way new players are mentored by others who are invested in their future.

Campaign Post

Hi there. I’m Solar Taranogas and I’m running for a seat on CSM. What makes me different from the rest of the field? I’m a nobody. I don’t stream, I don’t make Youtube videos (love watching them though, keep em coming Rhiload) and I’m not a player in the high level politics and intrigue that EVE is famous for. Essentially, I’m spending my time like most of you, pvp’ing, isking, trying not to get ganked in that Jita to Amarr corridor.

In the interests of full disclosure, I would characterize myself as a Null-Seccer who likes to play in Wormholes, although I think it would be fair to say that the reverse is equally true. I maintain some presence in High Sec as well.

I think past CSM attendees have been able to successfully represent the large alliance and meta-game point of view. I’m running for CSM because I believe that the CSM/CCP dialogue needs to more representative of the individual player experience.

I’ll touch on some of the ideas that I have about the direction I think EVE needs to go:

  1. Stop Ship and Module “Balance Passes”
    Players experience nerfing as counter-intuitive. You don’t see any RL group giving up some advantage in the interests of fairness for all. It seems silly to lose and gain fitting slots and for base abilities to be adjusted. Why not replace the practice of nerfing with gradual and occasionally dramatic improvements to technology like happens in RL. An actual “Arms Race” if you will.
  2. Quit Nerfing Bounties
    The problem they say is that a few players make too much isk. The solution is to penalize everyone. Why not create something for those space rich players to spend their isk (and to lose it).
  3. New Players
    Let me tell you. The new player experience starts with Aura and NPC Corp Chat. Both of which are enough to turn someone off from EVE. Do you think this might have a part to play in driving some of our new players away from the game? What if a new player was given the option of starting out with a player corporation? You could have the chance to pick a corp based on region and or language group. As well you could choose a corporation that was active in the style of game play that interests you as a player. Player corporations could apply to be on “intake” for say a week at a time, and there would have to be several corps available in order to give a good menu of choice for someone just starting EVE. The benefits to player corps are obvious, but I think potentially immense for new players as they would have an established group, invested in their future, guiding them through this complex and rich universe that is EVE.

These and other ideas are why I’m running for CSM. Best of luck to all the other candidates! And remember, A vote for Solar is a vote for YOU!

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