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Talking in Stations
Talking in Stations
Burn Jita V, LAWN Alliance, EVE Updates

Burn Jita V is here and we’ll check in with FC Apple Pear to see how much damage is being done to commerce in the Jita Trade hub area. We’ll take a look at the historic schism of Get Off My Lawn Alliance with the current CEO Duncan Maclain, and review February updates and preview the March updates to EVE. Famed FC’s Mawderator and Jay Amazingness will help us analyze the changes. Finally a rare tirade from Matterall over the creative direction of EVE Online.

  On the show:

  • Matterall [Host]
  • Carneros [Developers]
  • Tiberius [Community]


  • Apple Pear (FC of GSF, Burn Jita)
  • Jay Amazingness (FC of GSF)
  • Duncan Maclain (CEO of LAWN)
  • Mawderator (Tournament Commentator, Master Theorycrafter)



Show Notes:

  • Security Update
    • 1882 – bans total
      • 896 bans – account hijacking
      • 511 bans – macro / botting
      • 253 bans – RMT
      • (222 bans other reasons – GMs)
    • Botting 3-day ban = no skill extraction (starting in March)
    • Considering revising section 18 of EVE’s Terms of Service – “not publish private communications from CCP”
  • Creative workshop – Mittani + Matterall Article “EVE Online: The Masks Of Cyber-purgatory”
  • Call For CSM 13 Candidates! (Applications Are Open – March 19 – 23)
  • Burn Jita V  (
    • MINILUV + Code
    • March 2, 14:00
  • Get Off My Lawn Alliance (LAWN)
    • History of LAWN
    • Blades of Grass departure
    • Legendary Hotel Suite Party at EVE Vegas
  • Circle of Two (Co2) making a comeback
  • NETC Dead
    • The great EVE infrastructure project of our time from ‘The New Eden Trading Company’ is coming to an end with Ghost Legion Fafer/BOPE taking them over with Charibba no longer holding an interest – Fafer promises to maintain neutrality but there are concerns he will not. Fortizars and keepstars transfers starting this month with the Anunnen keepstar being transferred last. More on this in a later show, but if you have concerns make sure you get your stuff moved. (APR 1st show)
  • Recent Game Updates
    • Feb 13 Changes – Review
    • March Changes – Preview (Ides Of March?) (Mawderator Article)
      • Jump Fatigue
        • 95% reduction (max 5 hrs fatigue, 30 min cooldown)
      • Jumping And Tethering
        • 30 secs or more tethering delay (but you can dock)
        • “goal of this change is to reduce the safety involved with moving capital and supercapital fleets “
      • Sovereignty Capture And Entosis Link
        • Entosis (more risk for ship, more help to ship)
          • Allow remote assistance to subcapital ships with Entosis Links running (including remote reps)
          • Significantly reduced max ranges: 20km for T1 and 50km for T2
          • Significantly reduced fitting requirements for the T2 module: 20 power grid and 5 CPU
          • +100% sensor strength to any ship with an active cycling Entosis Link
        • Nodes (less nodes, faster capture)
          • Increase the score gained per node capture from 5% to 7%
          • Reduce the number of starting nodes from 5 to 4
        • Increase the random node spawn chance by ~14%
      • Skins
        • Retiring Older Content
        • Skin Lifecycles & Discounts
      • New Chat Backend
      • Retirement Of Eve Voice
      • Balance Changes
        • Tech I Battleships (Longer lock ranges for synergy with MJDs and more cargo room for all.)
          • +25% to cargo capacity
          • +20% to maximum lock range
        • Attack Battlecruisers (May now fit Medium Micro Jump Drive)
        • Individual ship changes
          • Orthrus (slower, easier to hit, less fitting power grid)
          • Ferox (less fitting power and CPU)
          • Machariel (less range, easier to hit, -1 low, +1 mid)
          • Drake Navy Issue (-1 launcher, more dps)
          • Cyclone (more dps)
          • Eagle (faster, more drones)
          • Muninn (more dps, faster, harder to hit, -1 high, +1 mid)
        • Monitor Ship (FC ship)
          • 90% resistances
          • Probes
          • Target painter – mild
  • Kisaki Model Studio Models makers for Serenity Server (China) example
  • Missing TorfiFrans influence (Matterall rant)
    • Virtual World vs Video Game
    • Development path opting to give action over the “stillness” of sci-fi virtual world
    • Compare Trailers: Rough Draft vs Final Version
      • Living in strange worlds as a strange being is sidelined for eye candy and action. Suspect that pen and paper players that use their brain to visualize are less of a target player base that Arcade-like players (real video game players)


  • Show Topics in coming weeks:
    • March 11: Fraternity CEO – Wind Spirits
    • March 18: CCP “Team Tech” on ESI, SSO, and API
    • April 1: Ghost Legion and NETC end
  • Thanks to Producer – Maccloud
  • Thanks to Webmaster – Keskora
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Soundtrack: Instrumental – But Not Tonight (Depeche Mode)

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