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Matterall's EVENEWS24 podcast
Matterall's EVENEWS24 podcast
Proteus Expansion Review - Matterall's EN24 Podast

EVE Online News from EN24: In this episode we cover the newly released Proteus Expansion and some the features contained therein.  We cover ISBoxer, removal of Teams and, of course, the war and politics within EVE Online’s outlaw empires.

Guest: Solon101 of Nexe Corporation, NC.

EVENEWS24 Podcast, episode 1

0:00 Introducing the very new and polished EVE News Podcast
2:00 “Connecting” – Announcements, News and Politics

  • Introductions – Tiberius Stargazer, Solon101, Matterall
  • Hot-dropping Providence region, “you just don’t know”
  • How to get news, Skype & ingame channels
  • from the news and analysis desk

9:00 Proteus Expansion
9:30 Recons – a review
14:30 Localization – German and Russian
15:00 Starmap improvements, Dotlan style information (future)
17:45 Fighter Drones – scan resolution nerf
19:20 Teams are gone
21:20 Module tiercide and game lore loss
23:40 Isboxer debate
27:00 Efficiency addicts (rant)
28:40 Quick Review from the politics & history desk
29:20 Brand Newbies leadership drama
31:45 CFC deployed to Immensea
33:40 PL on contract again by XXDEATHXX against SOLARFLEET
35:20 NCDOT waiting
36:00 “The legend of the sun”
36:30 Market Report from “Prosper-Market Show” with Lockefox
39:30 Interview with EN24 Editor-in-Chief, Bobmon
39:40 Intro and start with EN24
41:40 Makalu and the big war (AAA) “Makalu Cries” – by Sindel Pellion
42:30 Relationship with Riverini
43:00 Behind the scenes at EN24 – money maker?
44:10 The Titan Smash controversy – EN24 involvement
48:15 Running for CSM – fair as editor-in-cheif of EN24?
49:30 Who are you in RL?
50:20 Are you a rich kid with a newsroom hobby?
50:40 Is EVE News biased?
51:30 Censoring Gevlon Goblin – Crossing Zebra’s/CSM member Xander pokes Bobmon
53:00 See you next time

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