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Talking in Stations
Talking in Stations
CSM13 Damian Blackie

Character Created: 2017/05/07

Corp/Alliance: Back To Black Division/Fraternity.
Country: United Kingdom
Eve-Who: Link
zKillboard: Link

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Why you should vote for me.?

I come as part of EVE online as a big picture and how the full EVE universe should balance out and have a good and bad in all aspects, from public communities that have never been really listened to, a small alliance in hisec, low sec, null or wormhole space.
Sure some dream of being master spies and hunt big targets and overthrow governments, some dream of being bounty hunters and some dream of being a major industrial powerhouse, and some capsules prefer to roam independently as EVE promises and underdelivers.

Comming from a software background I understand the limitations of legacy and that CCP and CSM arent at all powerful and updating a sandbox environment takes time.

However, I never saw a CSM get close to the actual players they say that they represent and what is the feedback or concerns of the player base, I want to change that and open a constant communication with any and all groups interested in adding their feedback.
Currently, the game is off balance with more off-balance features being introduced to the scope of a handful of people which is not fair to the rest 99% of the player based that have not seen a change or complaint addressed in years.

CSM will tell you they will fix X and they will break Z while EVE universe needs more liberty as a player base driven universe. And safer/dangerous space is up to both the players to act on and CCP to ensure guidance and enforce where the case is needed. Have an issue create a player owned solution don’t nerf ships or economics indexes like LP gain or Bounties.

As a CSM I want to talk to independent people and small groups as well as big powerhouses to be sure we get the best of all points of view and find a way to serve both.

We’re here to gather feedback and requests from people, ensure that user journey makes sense and discuss it with CCP to balance the game and offer new capsuleers what they need to start they life in EVE as well as to offer new excitement to veterans.
I want to focus my time encouraging CCP to address the concerns of ALL the players as well as encourage better communication from the development team to the playerbase.

I want to work with CCP to deliver what all the players need to enjoy EVE. Whatever may be their chosen path, whether that is in a solo capacity in FW, exploring WH and doing sites, or just PVE or is it


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