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Talking in Stations
Talking in Stations
2018 Most Influential Awards

On the show:

  • Matterall  Destructive Influence Corporation [Northern Coalition.]
  • MacCloud  The Graduates [The Initiative.]
  • Artimus Albosa   Capitalist Army [The Network.]
  • Carneros   The Bastion [BASTN]
  • Bardghost Isu  The Bastion [BASTN] 
  • RonUSMC Dreddit [Test Alliance Please Ignore]

Show Notes:

TiS Most Influential Awards


  • The Initiative
  • Horde
  • Skill Urself
  • TEST
  • Bombers bar

Honorable Mentions – Organizations

  • Goonswarm
  • Reddit
  • Streamfleet
  • Snuffed Out


  • Brisc Rubal
    • His polished and American political style was a hit on Reddit. His hard work as a CSM and community representative was tireless.
  • Elo Knight
    • Elo came back in Feb and built Black Legion up again in little time. The fiercely charismatic FC was able to make an impact on UALX, and attacked DeadCo after the Deal which disrupted loyalties.
  • Gobbins
    • The mysterious Gobbins, grew PH from 12k to 17k, while being nimble enough to move the alliance in the process.
  • Pandoralica
    • Pando had a good year with Initiative, perfecting the command destroyer doctrine culminating in a surprise invasion of Rage where HK holdings were burned down.  Fort Knocks and Unassailable Wealth Keepstars were destroyed, causing other groups, like Lazerhawks to take down their Keepstars.
  • Progodlegend
    • He is a key FC for TEST as it rose up and took its place among the most powerful alliances in EVE history. Progod specifically made some key moments happen – coined the Battle of 9-4 the “Million Dollar Battle,” which drew over 12,500 viewers to TIS live coverage on INN. He destroyed Jita financiers backed by Horde and replaced them with the first Keepstar anchored in high security space. He anchored another Keepstar over a trapped Pandemic Legion superfleet in UALX, signaling a significant power shift. His charisma and appeal while streaming has drawn players into the game.

Honorable Mentions – Individual

  • Commander Aze
    • For saving EVE Vegas from technical disaster.
  • Lumio
    • Inspiring player to fight back with everything the have.
  • Warden Myrddin
    • Radio personality that has influenced French players

Other News

TRI gets ambushed

SNUFF set it up, invited SV who jumped to the wrong cyno and accidentally spread tackle resulting in additional Titans caught, A bunch escaped by safe logging.

‘Absolute’ Injection Augmentor

After downtime Jita spiked to at least 2200 for the biggest market PVP event of the year: boosters/injectors.  Confirmed, extracting biology does shorten the booster time for min/maxers

Wrap Up:

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