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Talking in Stations
Talking in Stations
Collusion in Faction War

On this episode, Artimus, Ron, and Silver meet with members of the Amarr Militia—Fat Elvis Presley, Flyinghotpocket and Templar Dane—and the Minmatar Militia—Harkon Thorson—to talk about the unprecedented deal signed that is making waves in the Faction Warfare community. The deal sees enemies of the war cut across faction sides and agree to allow key systems in each of their regions to be flipped out of their control. This will lock all players out of popular missions, which the signatories of the deal believe devalues the loyalty points coming out of the PvP oriented plexes.


  • Fat Elvis Presley (Dirt ‘n’ Glitter [Local Is Primary]) {Amarr Militia}
  • Flyinghotpocket (Amarrian Vengeance [Team Amarrica]) {Amarr Militia}
  • Harkon Thorson (Minmatar Secret Service [Ushra’Khan]) {Minmatar Militia}
  • Templar Dane (Amarrian Vengeance [Team Amarrica]) {Amarr Militia}

TIS Crew

  • Artimus Albosa (NOIR.)
  • RonUSMC (Dreddit [Test Alliance Please Ignore])
  • Silver Suspiria (Mecha Enterprises Fleet [Federation Uprising])

Show Notes

Topic A – FW Treaty

  • How does FW work?
    • Factional warfare allows a player to fight for one of the four factions in eve in a forever war to take the warzone. There are 2 warzones one in the north and one in the south Gal vs Cal and Amarr vs Min. Min & Gal, Cal & Amarr are allied and can plex in each others warzone but the flipping of a system by shooting the ihub can only be done by the faction members of that wazone.
    • The reward for plexing depends on the tier level for your faction. The tier level is based on how many systems your factions controls and what level the ihub in those systems has been upgraded to. The upgrades require Lp to be donated by players.
  • What is this treaty?
    • It’s an agreement between the amarr and minmatar to prevent either side from being able to do missions by capturing and holding the systems the agents are in.
  • Who’s involved?
    • Signatures from leadership of militia’s
      • Templar Dane – Flyinghotpocket > Team Amarrica.
      • Fat Elvis Presley – Tristan daCuhna > Dirt ‘n’ Glitter.
      • Harkon Thorson – Khaprice > Ushra’Khan.
      • Dameon Jaeger – Hail cannon > Siege Gold
      • Taronn Penance > Yondu Confederation
      • Briscou > 44th Recon Unit
  • What does it entail?
    • Leadership of major Amarr and Minmatar corporations are going to allow their factions missions system to be held by the other side. There are 15 FW stations to pull missions from. 5 in high sec which we can not flip/control. 10 in lowsec which we can flip. Currently amarr hold 9/10 and the minnies hold 7/10 (this will need updating nearer the time).
  • Why is it important?
    • Militia members that take the WZ have the fruits of their labour devalued by missions runners. These missions runners generally more from wz to wz using standing alts to  pull missions once the faction is in high tier (4or5).
    • The missions can be blitzed with ease and the LP payouts are far more relative to plexing.
  • Offensive Plexing
    • Tier level  1      2       3       4      5 Time
    • Novice   5,000  10,000  17,500  25,000  32,500 10min
    • Small    8,750  17,500  30,625  43,750  56,875 15min
    • Medium  12,500  25,000  43,750 62,500  81,250 20min
    • Large    15,000  30,000  52,500 75,000  97,500 20min
    • Plus a 2-4 min for killing the rat.
  • Defensive Plexing
    • 70% of the offensive/contested value of the system
    • Missions can be pulled at 15 in a run. With a payout at tier V of 120K plus around 5mill for each mission. A run can take between 90mins and 2 hours depending on your fit and mission placement. With a reward of around 1.8 million LP and 75mil
    • In which time a plexer could run 3 or 4 larges for 300k to 400K Lp with a few million in tags from the rats. Also putting the plexer at more risk being in one spot for 20+ mins.
    • This huge amount of LP generated by missions cause these massive swings in LP value
  • What’s the impact of this treaty?
    • Locking out mission runners from stations. Which in time will add more reward for those who actually fight/plex in the warzone.
    • Bring a spotlight to FW, in the hope of some CCP love
    • A number of smaller groups have already broke away unhappy this new direction and are plexing the missions.


  • Local pirates are actively opposing the treaty by logging in their fw alts in an effort to keep the gravy train going.
  • Warp speed and autopilot update
  • Killah Bee resigns from CSM
  • New login event
  • Project Discovery scientist wins nobel prize
  • Fleet-Up shutting down
  • TiS is interested in enabling groups to broadcast their meetings, SOTAs, declarations of war, etc. Get in touch.

Something you might not know… (Tell the audience something they might not know about Eve. Could be mechanics, player history, lore, etc.)

  • Silver: FEDUP has moved
  • Fat Elvis Presley: If awox your own militia you will lose standing and get kicked from FW however if you awox your allies you don’t lose any faction standing with your own faction so will not be kicked. 
  • Flyinghotpocket: 
    • Amarr Minmatar space is the only place in the game where brawling is alive and well. 
    • Pirate entities could be ignored 100% with gate sliding. Militia fights erupted in the plexs and pirates could never catch you IF you wanted to fight inside the plex against other militia. 
    • The largest battle that took place in FW was in Huola over a 3 week period back in July of 2014. Over 9000 ships were destroyed between militia entities. Pirates were ignored as they like to fly big ships and couldn’t get into the plexs. 

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