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Talking in Stations
Talking in Stations
CSM13 Cacique Yuhasz

Cacique Yuhasz

Character Created: 2007/11/05

Corp/Alliance: Spartan Vanguard/Test Alliance Please Ignore

Country: Cuba

Eve-Who: Link

zKillboard: Link


(English is not Cacique’s primary language, Spanish is.)

Yes I know what you want to say I know in the same way too

  1. first of all, try to help all new players to set status and help with the tutorial
  2. locate trusted corporations and alliances the ones with a long and good reputation cause many corps seek using players to they own benefits and not let them know or have fun in the game that is not just a long and extense killing

The game is rich in many things, and I am agreed that the best of it is the player power of choice in the game you can do many such things you feel small, experiences players sometimes are noobs considering when the changes or updates are coming and fixing

The problem is not the game is how the people use the game for you can see here many kinds of persons but the one thing that gives you your way to go is the corp of your choice your first corp is the one that gave the main idea how the game work

If you choose a good corp I mean good, Goals, Friendly, Teaching, and many times helping with ISK and ships the same attitude you have it with others in the game no matter if you are hostile or not but if the corp you are into is full of persons with just one thing in mind” New guy, new bulletproof”

And no I want to fix the problem talking with the main corps and alliances in the game to be able to make the game more GOOD for play than be here and a random guy just kill you or gank you without reason and never know if you can fight back that attitude

Giving a fixed problem is never know for sure but the answer is always to try to find hope in deep space but it is, and we will find it but together not alone




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