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Talking in Stations
Talking in Stations
Surgical Strike

A review of the Surgical Strike patch that will be released on April 15th with experts.


  • Matterall
  • Elise Randolph (Habitual Euthenasia [Pandemic Legion])
  • Carneros (Ancient Hittite Corporation [The Bastion])
  • Pandoralica (DEFCON. [The Initiative.])
  • Suitonia (V0lta [We Form V0lta])

Off camera:

  • ExookiZ (The Dark Space Initiative [Scary Wormhole People])


Content Guide:


Going through the Surgical Strike patch that will be released on April 15th. The devblog was released on the 7th with follow up a day later

These changes are most pronounced in 4 ways, an overall reduction in resistance % in resistance mods such as hardeners, adaptive fields, wards, and membranes, a nerf to supercarriers, a variety of subcap nerfs with a slight battleship buff and capacitor limitations on force auxiliary capitals or FAXes

What this means



Capital changes in this update include:

  • Removal of support fighter tubes for Super Carriers with the addition of one extra Heavy Fighter tube
  • Bonuses to XL plates and extenders for Super Carriers reduced to 200% and for Titans reduced to 300%
  • Long Range Heavy Fighter explosion radius increased 50%
  • Heavy Fighter bay increased by 1
  • Short Range Heavy Fighter speed increased 50%
  • Fighter bay size increased for Aeon and Wyvern
  • Capacitor Boosters limited to 1 per FAX

-supercarriers offense capabilities are fighters; before they could field support fighters – Cenobite II, Scarab II, Siren II and Dromi II – each with their own support role such as nueting, webbing, scramming and jamming that took the place of traditional player support role and were devastating to a subcap fleet, now they are being moved away from an all-purpose pvp boat to dps only against large signature type targets

  • Since supercarriers are not viable for ratting anymore, are carriers – Nidhoggers and Thanatos are going to be where people are pushed?
  • Ratting meta shifting to cheap insured carriers or Rattlesnake/Ishtar
  • Before I left Horde, there was a major push towards dread ratting in the drone lands. Can’t save them if tackled, but you couldn’t save carriers either and dreads were more useful to the coalition than carriers outside ratting. This how now been buffed even further and is a whaler’s dream



  • FAX ability to support only 1 booster 
  • Impact: For small gang/wormhole groups, a single FAX won’t feel so oppressive to small gangs, they will need to travel in pairs.
  • reduced survival when dropped into combat
  • reduced effectiveness of the reps you get (due to reduced resists of your rep target)
  • possible changes to small gang fights that have been supported with FAX reps



Subcapital changes include:

  • All Tech I Battleships – which includes faction hulls – receive 10% increase to base hp and 30% increase to scan resolution
  • Muninn bonuses to damage and optimal range reduced to 5% per level
  • Eagle max velocity reduced to 190 and powergrid reduced to 950
  • Loki offensive subsystem bonuses to projectile optimal range, fall off and tracking reduced to 5% per level and powergrid reduced to 550
  • Legion power grid reduced to 625
  • Deimos bonus to hybrid damage from Heavy Assault Cruisers skill increased to 7.5% per level, powergrid increased to 1100 and CPU increased to 380
  • Close Range T2 Ammo boost
  • Rockets, Heavy Assault Launchers, Torpedos, Rapid Torpedo Launcher, Citadel Torpedo Launcher, Blaster, Pulse, Autocannons. Hail/Void/Conflagration/Rage missiles.

What this means:

  • CCP is still trying to push people more into battleships but its not quite working because the resistance module update favors T2 ships because of their native resists and the kitely playground
  • Battleships are not suitable for use at scale due to the difficulty of replacing a destroyed fleet
  • what do you expect to see in smaller engagements, especially the resistance changes
  • Changes to Suicide ganking, Catalyst/Talos/Stealth Bombers with T2 guns buffed easier to gank in highsec.

If we have time then maybe we can talk about the Guristas “The Hunt” PVE sites as well as the new Hydra Implant set and any implications it might have on PVP and PVE. 

Toward the end of the show:

  • Talking in Station tips for making the most of this patch
    • Only undock what you can replace
    • Try anything challenging at one level less difficulty to get used to the new normal
    • If you are a null sec industrialist, build Dreadnoughts 
    • If you don’t know what to train next, train Dreadnoughts
    • Dreadnoughts came through the Surgical Strike changes stronger than ever


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