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Talking in Stations
Talking in Stations
Initiative Deploy to NC Border

The Initiative has moved to Hakonen, the Lonetrek region border to Northern Coalition’s home. The rivals are poised to fight for the next few weeks. We have fleet commanders from both sides.

  • Matterall Destructive Influence Corporation [Northern Coalition]
  • Elise Randolph Habitual Euthanasia Corporation [Pandemic Legion]
  • Carneros Ancient Hittite Corporation Corporation [The Bastion]
  • Jurius Doctor Iron.Guard Corporation [Iron Armada]
  • Dark Shines Project Valhalla. Corporation [The Initiative]
  • Pandoralica DEFCON. Corporation [The Initiative]
  • Killah Bee Shiva Corporation [Northern Coalition]

CSM Summit

CCPs Corporate website detailing open career opportunities
CSM13 Team Photo at Reykjavik
Left to right – Merkelchen, Innominate, Aryth, Suitonia at a CSM Meeting at the CSM Summit
Left to right – Sort Dragon, CCP Guard, Merkelchen, CCP Dev (Shane Dawson?), Merkelchen at the CSM Summit

Retention Issues – 90% new player oriented organizations (EVE Uni)

Pandemic Hordes Website
Karmafleets Website
Brave Collectives Website
Eve Universities Website
Chart Detailing many of the possible opportunities and things to do in Eve Online, by Altrue from

PointerTool on Sisi

CCP karkur’s Dev Forum post about the new UI pointer tool on Eve Online Forums

EVEsterdam – March 21

Evesterdams Website, the premiere European Eve Online live meetup Event

Tutorial Video by CCP

‘EVE Online – How to Find Friends [Tutorial]’ by CCP on YouTube

MER: Active ISK in Game dropped by 140 Trillion ISK in January

January 2019s Monthly Economic Report Dev Blog by CCP Larrrikin
Jurius Doctors Summary of the January MER on Google Docs

Imperium Plan to undercut Brothers of Tangra

the Bulgarian Mafia Squad, former corp of the Sons of Tangra, where the renter alliance for NC and PL, Brothers of Tangra got their name
Aryth and The Mittani announcing Period Basis as the new Rental area for The Imperium on Twitch

Initiative deploys to Hakonen, replacing Space Violence

INIT Feb 2019 move op’ by Bongalonga on YouTube
The Initiative Alliance on Dotlan
Dotlans listing of Hakonen,
The Initiatives new deployment location
Alliance Sovereignty Map at the time of the show, by Verite
The Initiative Mercenaries, a sister alliance of The Initiative, on Dotlan
Clip from ‘The Meta Show’ on Twitch with boat commenting on Pandemic Hordes move to tribute to Mine
Aryth’s ‘ONCE UPON A TIME IN ICELAND A SEED WAS PLANTED’ article about the treaty ending hostilities with GOTG for reparations
‘Rendezvous with Death’ by Hyperion on YouTube, a teaser video about The Initiatives campaign to Kill Hard Knocks Wormhole Keepstars

‘DC vs Delve – Stukas 06/12/2018’ by Bex Gaming on YouTube, Dead Coalition learning to fly the Chain booshing Doctrine ‘Stukas’ against Goons in Delve
Eve University Wiki’s information page on the Magus Command Destroyer
‘[2018 09 24] [Multiboxed Booshing] Stealing 22 Excavators in 2 Hours’ by Project Free Folk on YouTube, showcasing chain booshing to steal Excavator Mining Drones
Listing of the GTFO Titan Doomsday Mod
Bridging Distance from PE-QHK in Venal using a Black Ops Bridge, the new campaign location for Space Violence (an Imperium Combat SIG) by Dotlan
Dotlans Listing for the SH1-6P system, the location Pandemic Horde were invited to in order to Mine in safety

Burn Jita

Dotlans listing for Jita with ship and pod kills in the last 24 hours
u/Leroyvf’s Reddit post detailing burn Jita Day 1’s Recap
‘Burn Jita 6 [4K]’ by Shingly on YouTube
u/AllieFalcon07s Reddit Post detailing Goons using bot themed characters and RP as bots

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