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Talking in Stations
Talking in Stations
Encounter Inner Hell

Invasion Two, Episode 14 – Meet the most secretive and lethal corporations in EVE Online – Inner Hell [-INHE]. This Russian based corp of nearly 300 has been on an eviction spree in wormhole space, clearing out rival corporations from their home systems. We talk to Kara Korbrey and Mortis en Divalone from Inner Hell, with translation help by Mist Amatin.


  • Kara Korbrey (also known as streamer Tori Shepard, Inner Hell vice-CEO, HR)
  • ExookiZ (The Dark Space Initiative [Scary Wormhole People])
  • Matterall (Talking in Stations)

Off camera:

  • Mortis en Divalone (Inner Hell bomber and black ops FC, Spymaster)
  • Mist Amatin (Russian translator from Pandemic Horde)
  • Elise Randolph (Habitual Euthanasia [Pandemic Legion])

Content Guide:

TIS Q: Where did Inner Hell come from? 

A: Inner Hell formed out of Quantum Explosion, a Russian corp/alliance in 2015

 Why do you like living in wormholes?

No local, the randomness of finding systems through rolling wormholes

What made you decide to evict wormhole corporations? Mouth Trumpet Cavalry and Bomber’s Bar?

We have no allies or ideological enemies. We are looking only PVP content. And we go where there are goals. This is absolutely natural for today’s EVE. We go where we can get a decent battle with our fleet size and format.

Taking down Keepstar of Spatial Instability (For Mortis, Tori was on vacation) 

What do you guys do when you aren’t planning evictions?

Rolling nullsec statics to find targets to kill, hoping to find another fight with equal numbers and staying away from the big capital response fleet

If you could ask CCP for something for wormhole space, what would it be? 

Double static to C6/C5 wormholes


The 11th and 1st of 2020 Imp – the AT Interceptor – dies in Eszur, a system in the region of Metropolis. Fredrick vonHole, the legendary black ops pilots who scored the first super kill just a week earlier with the Revenant-class supercarrier. He was joined with Lussy Lou, a notable Russian streamer of Polite Fish. 

War of the Dead still grinds on but whether or not the attackers are making progress is still up for debate

Big battle Friday night USTZ saw a skirmish over a minor Astrahus timer with Side was split up between Dead Coalition and The Initiative versus Pandemic Legion, United Federation of Conifers and Unspoken Alliance. Formed again in EU the next morning, 400 versus 400, but engagements didn’t happen

Ranger Regiment and Army of Mangos officially set standings with each other. Army of Mangoes and TEST still have a NIP with each other. Standings screenshot


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