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Talking in Stations
Talking in Stations
Battleship Changes, Wormhole Politics, and Market Economics

Bjorn Bee and Elise talk about new Battleship Frigate Escape Bay and Needlejack Filaments. Beyond the Breach is evicted from their wormhole bu Inner Hell, Hard Knocks and Lazerhawks. Is there something sinister afoot in wormhole space? Noisy takes us through the health of EVE’s Economies.


  • Matterall 
  • Elise Randolph (Habitual Euthanasia [Pandemic Legion])

Off camera:

  • Bjorn Bee  Garoun Investment Bank Corp (NPC)
  • Ma’an Luo [Beyond the Breach alliance]
  • Moonlord [Beyond the Breach alliance]
  • Joyce Lennelluc [Beyond the Breach alliance]
  • NoizyGamer (Blogger)

Content Guide:

  •  Frigate Escape Patch 
    • What this means for the Battleship meta 
  • Yeet Fleet Filaments
  • The Blue Donut in Wormhole Space 
    • Relationship with InnerHell/Hard Knocks/Lazerhawks
  • State of Economy
    • Health of Economy
    • Goons peaked in January 2019
    • Pearl Abyss Investor Call


  • Player Wind Spirits stuck in Wuhan, China (Corvid-19 Pandemic)
  • Drone Wang – how he got his name  “…assign your wangs to drones”
  • Patch Notes
    • Fixed wormholes

More connectivity C5/C6 – Rise fixed his data entry 60 down to 6%

Connectivity to Null (not changed much?)

  • Prop Mod trick – How did it work, how was it fixed
  • Had to be for filaments perm to work
  • Like fixing mid/cloak
  • Permanent Filaments (Thursday, 27 February)

EVE Pulse – Feb 21 – Friday

Project Nova is Dead [DUST 514 – Legion – Nova]  Not dead?

CCP Rittati now in charge of EVE

Today in EVE Online — 

15,000 views (50,000 views) TIS YouTube

  1. TUES – EVE North – Niagra Falls
  2. WED – N. War update – Killah Bee
    1. DeadCo on life support.  Sort Dragon power gone
    2. Ranger Regiment, Dracarys move to Imperium
    3. VVV / MSN taking over Tenal (hunted from Venal, NPC)
  3. THUR – Inner Hell Evicts
    THUR II – Frigate Escape bay
  4. FRI – Monthly Economic Report
    2. Oasa takes over ratting crown

EVE Online Is it worth to play in 2020?




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