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Talking in Stations
Talking in Stations
CSM13 Cwittofur Cesaille

Character Created: 2011/11/06

Corp/Alliance: The Hivemindholding/Not imbalance yet

Eve-Who: Link
zKillboard: Link

Candidate Self Description

I like long walks on the beach,
Asteroid Hugging,
Ship killing,
Reaction Making,
API Coder

Campaign Post

I can’t believe I’m doing this… so here we go!

Let me formally introduce myself, I’m Cwittofur Cesaille (pronounced Quit Toe Fur). Many of you probably do not know me, I tend to be fairly quiet and stay within a small bubble.

With that being said I have had the fortune to experience many aspects of the game, a game that I truly love to play.

First a little background on myself, I am a software developer by day and a glassblower by night. I love my dog and I take her everywhere I possibly can. I’ve been playing Eve Online on and off since 2005. I came back a few years ago and have been playing solidly since then.

In game, I run a small corporation which consists primarily of my own characters. I’m a jack of all trades, master of none, at least that’s how I look at it! I lived in Wormhole space for nearly two years and I enjoyed the times there. I have also experienced Null life, incursion running, and industry.

Having experienced many of the multiple facets this game has to offer I feel like I’m a good candidate for representing you. I listen, and I tell it how it is. I pride myself on being honest and assertive. In the end, I want you to enjoy the game as I do. I do not think of myself as a Politician, of any sorts, I get enough of that via real life. I’m much more of a talk it out person, I frequently have discourse with those who have opposing views in the game, it has been great to see things from other perspectives and adjust my own if they’re not correct.

I could write stuff until my fingers fall off, but instead of that, let’s have a discussion! What would you like to know about me? Ask here, send me an in-game mail or if you’d like we can schedule a time to have a discussion on my TeamSpeak server :smile:

Thank you for taking the time to read this, it means a lot!

Take Care,

Cwittofur Cesaille

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