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Talking in Stations
Talking in Stations
CSM13 Jin'taan
Character Created: 2007/09/22
Corp/Alliance: Dreddit/Test Alliance Please Ignore
Country: United Kingdom
Reddit: Jintaan
Twitter: @JintaanEVE
YouTube: Jin’taan
Eve Who: Link
zKillboard: Link

In my past two terms, I’ve been able to do a great deal within the CSM, taking over from the tough position it was in after CSM 10 and forging it into what it is now.

I’ve been able to lead the charge to get balancing & iteration on the forefront of CCP’s agenda, which has lead to the few most recent patches being universally proclaimed as good.

I’m not a perfect candidate for a great deal of you, but I hope that my track record of openness, honesty and work ethic will speak for themselves and you’ll find a place for me on your ballot, be it at the first or last position.

Thank you for your time.

Rather than do much in the way of making promises, I would like to instead point to what I have achieved of my goals as set out in the previous election, as quoted from my CSM 12 campaign post here 

What Are My Goals?

My goals are – probably to no surprise to those who know me – nothing to do with specific changes. I don’t see that as a major part of the duties of the CSM, and I’ve attempted to correct that belief where I can. It is in my view, the job of the CSM to first and foremost investigate what the fundamental problems are, then to present this to CCP.

But, what I wish to do within my second term is much the same as I have already done;

    • Promote iteration on stagnant features
    • Provide consistent, neutral communication & transparency from the CSM
    • Ensure that as many points of view are brought to the table in discussions
    • Argue for an increase in balancing velocity
    • Continue to drive the CSM-CCP relationship in a positive direction

And, if you vote for me, these are the things I will continue to work on.

I think if you compare our position in these areas since I was elected, in 2017 and now, have markedly improved. The CSM is more communicative, transparent and effective in helping represent the players’ best interests than ever before. We have worked at a very high level with CCP to help support some of their latest iterations to Jump Fatigue, Sov Warfare and other key areas of the game that were causing stagnation in Nullsec. Beyond that we have been able to drive an increase in the velocity of banning through some vigorous campaigning on the topic – with my article “Balance is not Optional” playing a part in that, as well as helping to advise and work with the community to help drive a fix to Ghost Training earlier in the year. Working to bring issues like this that the community feels strongly about is something I’m passionate about continuing to do if I’m re-elected.

I will not be continuing the more administrative functions of writing fortnightly updates or the attendance sheet in my next term, as I have less time to offer for these as before. If anyone in CSM 13 would like to take over these roles, I’d be delighted to help support them. However, I would like to do more of the public roundtables I’ve been doing recently, I find they’re making amazing conversation starters on topics I don’t feel get enough attention from the community, and are a great place for the CSM to find out about those little tweaks that can really solve a QoL issue – a notable one here being WCS’ in Faction Warfare.

Beyond that however, I would like to simply be the same thing I’ve always offered to you guys – a voice of reason and an advocate for the community to CCP. Someone easy to find and talk to, and willing to listen to (and pass on) any solid points you guys are able to bring up in the most effective possible way.

Contact Me

@JintaanEVE on Twitter
@jintaan on Tweetfleet Slack
Jin’taan#9801 on Discord
[email protected] is my email
/u/jintaan on Reddit

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