Season 2 Finale: On Wars and Injectors

Season 2 Finale: On Wars and Injectors

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Spectre moves in on Provi Bloc. SkillU disbands, NC/PL abandons Tribute, TEST gets foothold in Fraternity space. An analysis of EVE pvp and the state of play. It’s Father’s Day, and this marks the end of Season 2.  Sponsored by PushX.

  • Harvey Skywarker  Skywarker Higher than Everest Corporation [Fraternity]
  • Maded Rift. Antiqua Vero Corporation [The Ancients.] Spectre Fleet
  • Redline XIII Original Sinners [Northern Coalition] Spectre Fleet
  • Maccloud  (TIS Engineer) The Graduates Corporation [The Initiative]
  • Matterall – Destructive Influence Corporation [Northern Coalition]
  • RonUSMC   Dreddit Corporation [Test] 

Spectre Fleet vs Provi Bloc

SKill U disbands – PEAK corp moves to Fraternity

Tribute evacuated as Imperium Moves in on P3EN-E Keepstar

TEST succeeds in Detorid; Fraternity Space

CSM Election closes

Last Day to Vote for CSM members! (vote here: http://bit.ly/VOTE-CSM-14) We love politics at TIS, so we are distributing an exit poll to track the horse-race to the finish line. Please take 10 seconds to fill out this poll. We ask, who did you vote for, and how many accounts voted that way. If you split up your votes, retake the ballot as many times as you need to reflect your choices. Fill this out – share it with EVE friends. https://talkinginstations.typeform.com/to/H4w5aE We will have a special broadcast this TUESDAY and THURSDAY to go over the results of the poll and who is predicted to win CSM this year (accuracy depends on you!).





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  1. Hey don’t you have someone from Provi-Bloc to talk about their side of the conflict?

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