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Talking in Stations
Talking in Stations
CSM13 Kalen Tsero
Character Created: 2013/05/10
Corp/Alliance: WeebFleet/Tsundere Triad
Country: United States
Reddit: Kalen_Tsero
Twitter: @kalen_tsero
Eve-Who: Link
zKillboard: Link

Candidate Self Description

Have lived in lowsec most of my EVE career. Went from EUNI’s lowsec campus to WAFFLES eventually leading me to start my own alliance Tsundere Triad. Currently live in Aridia while being deployed to The Bleak Lands to fight the Matari slaves. Previously, only had knowledge about basic plex mechanics, now I have since been helping to reclaim the holy lands from Amarr’s old 3 systems to what we have now. Working with many others in unifying the militia.

Campaign Post

Hello friends, it is time again for these things. So I guess without further ado here’s my own thread.

Who am I?
I’m a lowsec pilot through and through full stop. I started back in EVE Uni in the lowsec campus back in 2013 and when I left EUNI I left for WAFFLES back in August of 2015. I was there for about a year and a half enjoying the pirate life though my burnout from the uni had left me bogged down. So during my stint, I took an extended EVEcation and came back reinvigorated. Eager to be useful to my WAFFLEbros I joined the recruiter team and decided to start doing public fleets. This was something that was constantly discussed in #anime-club of tweetfleet slack and I decided I would pull the trigger and just do it. Thus, the WeebFleet public channel, mailing list, and public fleets came to be.

During these public fleets, an unaffiliated discord using the same name (intentionally) was created. Upon joining the discord, I realized there was a desire for a weeb corp. So I decided to create WeebFleet the corp as my pet project. Initially, I just intended it to be a neutral corp/alliance that weebs from all over New Eden could stick alts in to and we could just mess around together despite differences on our mains. Though this quickly changed and the quirky little project ended up taking a lot of my time. As a result I was let go from WAFFLES due to inactivity on my main and decided to pour all of my attention to WeebFleet.

Here we are over a year later and through the guidance of me and my directorate, we’ve not only started working to make a home in our pocket, but we have since joined Faction Warfare. Setting a permanent deployment there we have been working hard at unifying the Amarr militia and getting systems back. My hard work in doing so of creating and maintaining a neutral discord, creating a neutral in game channel, seeking out and expanding from the original group of four alliances. When we joined, Amarr had a scant 3 systems. Now through the efforts of all of us in the leadership group (of Amarr Mil) we are now up to 32 systems. This is by far not all my work, though I was an integral part of making it happen due to all the backend work of slowly trying to unify them.

None of this happened easily either. Nor can I claim the militia is unified. Though we are currently working hard to change that with working very closely with Aggressively Feeding and Amarrian State.

Why you should vote for me?
I’ll not only continue my tireless work on trying to unify the militia and growing my own alliance. I’m also going to be a voice for us in FW Lowsec on the CSM. Even if lowsec isn’t on the roadmap for some time, there are things that CCP is doing elsewhere that affects us drastically and in ways that they do not foresee at the moment. So even if our space directly isn’t getting touched, it’s important to have a voice out there (preferably more than one) to help give them insight about any planned changes and how it could drastically affect our environment, for better or worse.

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