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Talking in Stations
Talking in Stations
CSM13 Raphendyr Nardieu

Character Created: 2013/05/18

Corp/Alliance: Unpublished Chapter/Suddenly Content
Country: Finland
Twitter: @raphgendyrEVE
Eve-Who: Link
zKillboard: Link

I’m a hard boiled veteran of Eve. I started my career in Suddenly Content alliance as a diplomat and later I became one of the leaders. Currently our community has over a hundred Finnish players. After years of wormhole life, my knowledge of wormhole mechanics can be described as formidable.

My main interest is to find fair and interesting gameplay for both the hunter and the prey. This includes fixing features such as unfair war declarations, wormhole pve, structure gameplay and finding new grids for combat interaction.

Furthermore, industry is also close to my heart. As a centerpiece of Eve’s ecosystem, it needs to be carefully maintained to keep other areas in balance. My expertise here range from alliance quartermaster and market stocking to manufacturing and even mining.

As a developer myself, I know the importance of the Eve API. It can be extended to new areas, but it also requires attention to avoid abuse.

Check out my forum thread for more details!


I am running for CSM 13. I have been interested in helping the community and discussing the direction of Eve for a long time. As a CSM member, I believe that I could help CCP to make Eve a better game for newbros and veterans alike.

About me and my history

Members of my community see me as a hard boiled veteran of Eve, even though I started eve in the beginning of 2015. I have a really enthusiastic relationship with Eve and I’ve gathered a lot of knowledge in this relatively short period of time. I always drill to the core of problems and phenomena and thus I get a deep understanding of them. I have an open mind and I share my knowledge with others.

I have been a wormholer since the beginning and have formidable knowledge of wormhole mechanics – it’s my home. I do have some experience with null and low security, and of course extensive experience with high security space as that is a very important area for wormholers. However, it’s not an area where I dwell daily.

I started my career in Suddenly Content alliance as a diplomat and later I became one of the leaders. Currently, our leadership manages a community with over a hundred Finnish players. I have been a part of designing the internal processes, organizing operations, commanding fleets, managing industry, taking care of the local market and even mining. So I have experience in many areas of the game.

My goal as CSM member

In short, uphold following principles:

  • Fair and interesting options and possibilities for both the hunter and the prey
  • We should make Eve easy to understand and keep it hard to master
  • Eve is a MMO game and thus it’s crucial to have good ways to find others to play with: finding fleet mates for session, for corporation and to combat.

As a CSM member, I can’t directly change things, but my perspective on some important areas are described here. When giving feedback on these areas, I will present something in these lines.


We need more activity in means of more connections. Those who live in their system have means to close connections, but inactive systems should contain more. In addition, there should be a higher change rate for new connections and there should be more systems closer to your home. I would look into this by first making sure all current connections wake after downtime and after by adding more roaming connections. Alternatively, we could look into adding more statics. At least the C6 systems should get a second static to match C2 and C4 systems.

PvE in wormholes needs a shake up. C4 sites are out of linear progression. Sites are passive and easy to repeat. We could introduce drifter forward operation bases or other new AI tech in addition to C5-6 drifter (which is relatively stupid).


Develop a beachhead structure to replace one of the last usages for POSes. Something fast to anchor, no other protection than tethering. Shared ship maintenance array and storage array. So in short, M sized mobile depot for a fleet. In addition, we need better structure possibilities for the corporations with few members.


For the past couple of years, easy-to-access content has decreased in null. There are many reasons and there clearly isn’t a single fix. Under my principles, I would look into ways to make hunting more interesting and life of the prey a bit harder. It’s a delicate balance and tuning only one side doesn’t work. Risk vs. reward should stay about the same, but interaction should be more interesting.

Observatory arrays are coming in short-term future and those could be a way to refresh intel gathering. CCP has wanted to move intelligence out of local chat for a long time and we need to make sure it moves to a better place, but that we also keep required level of information present. In any case, this is a good time to reimagine the information delivery method, were that names, ship types or even cyno module presence

Eve Api (ESI)

As a third party developer myself, the player developer interaction is the best in this area without any doubt. Other developer groups should take example from api devs. Nevertheless, this is an area that requires strong guidance from CSM so API doesn’t expose too much information, but we could get all the important things out of it. There is still lot of areas that could get help if exposed through API.


One of the things that doesn’t work well currently are the war declarations. These can be easily abused against new player corporations. Sadly, all of the currently proposed fixes have problems or are counterable in some way. Nevertheless, this is a really important area to fix. In addition, we need more interesting PvE so new players stick around long enough to get interested of the game. For eve to live long, we need to make sure new blood stays with us.

Living world

We should look into doing more dynamic things. This of course includes PvE with the new AI, but we could also look into things like dynamic security statuses within same security, anomaly spawn rates or what systems belong to which empire. All of this of course should change only in long periods. The biggest science fiction universe should be alive!


The lore of Eve and the development of it is amazing. I want to keep it that way, since the lore affects greatly on the game itself. It defines what ships we get, guides us forward and is a factor for awesome trailers.

Going forward, I would want to get the big picture of the lore more accessible for players, so that the interest keeps up. There is amazing metagame with riddles and small details here and there. People who are solving these riddles and are following the lore do have a lot of fun and I would like to see more people sharing that fun.


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