Saranen Battle Zone – Asher (GSF)vs Grath (PL)

“PC Gamer” Contributing Editor Steven Messner and Tax Sheltered Citadels

“Mercenary Wars” Recap with Fleet Commanders

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Talking in Stations
Talking in Stations
Saranen Battle Zone - Asher (GSF)vs Grath (PL)

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EVE News Chief, Matterall, sits down with fellow EVE Online players to discuss news, politics, and personalities from the long-lived MMO game. Recorded live on Twitch: TheMittani Channel.

We discuss Battleground Saranen, and the new fighting environment.

Matterall (Northern Coalition, writer/editor TMC)
Dirk MacGirk (Pandemic Legion, Open Comms Show, writer)
Nystrik (TEST, GSF, TMC streamer )
Drunk Canadian (Tactical Narcatics Team, Streamer)
Asher Elias (GSF Fleet Commander, Asher Hour Show)
Grath Telkin (Pandemic Legion, Political Leader)

Soundtrack: But Not Tonight (Depeche Mode)

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