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Talking in Stations
Talking in Stations
Mineral Scarcity

Significant mineral redistribution changes are coming to EVE. CCP announces that in October, mineral based asteroids will no longer be found everywhere. They will instead be in specific places.

  • Low end minerals will be in high security space
  • Mid end belong in middle
  • and high end ores are in null sec.
  • All ores are pulled from wormholes

and look out for fuels costs changing as ICE mining will also get adjusted.

Welcome to another episode of Talking in Stations: “The EVE Online Weekend Report” I’m Matterall. Today we’ll review the weeks news for both the game and the players.Later in the program, we take a look at the alliance logistics’ role.

On our panel today, TIS subject matter experts begin with

  • Elise Randolph of Pandemic Legion. Elise covers null-sec, alliance tournaments, and EVE history.
  • Arsia Elkin from Electus Matari (also known as Baleful Dysnomia  She covers Empire space, Invasions, Roleplaying, solo to small gang PVP.
  • Caleb Aranya Caleb covers macro economics and theory.
  • Maccloud from Initiative, is our engineer
  • Dunk Dinkle from Brave Colletive


Triglavian Update

War Update

Mineral Redistribution

What’s In the Changes —

Notes from CCP video

  • December 2019 Started Scarcity Moves
  • Middle of October – New scarcity changes (this is the hardest part of the journey)
  • More interesting changes coming (not so much nerfs)
  • This is “not the new normal” more to come
  • Rorquals coming back in in different role
  • Orcas will be dealt with
  • RMT is a problem they are working on (anti-cheating)
  • Diverse meta (fleets)
  • Don’t make changes all at once, not to fast, not too slow… this is medium. (UCLA Water break example)
  • They want to push small roaming PVP
  • New player exploration (popular) – wormholes and gas huffing


Show Notes:,5/P-ZMZV

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