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Talking in Stations
Talking in Stations
PandaFam Wins North, DeadCo Disbands, TDSIN Eviction, CSM Summit

 Northern War Ends, Massive Wormhole Battles, CSM Summit today on TIS


  • Matterall
  • Elise Randolph (Habitual Euthensia [Pandemic Legion]) 

Off camera:

  • Killah Bee (NCdot)
  • ExookiZ (TDSIN)
  • La Loca (Initiative / AFK)
  • Loroseco (HK)
  • Viktor Pvolman (HK)
  • Olmecca Gold
  • Fonsui

Content Guide: 

War of the Dead – DeadCo (GotG)loses space, disbands.

Darkness announced disbands – going to Init

Siberian Squads, with ANZA, evacuated out of the north and was accepted into Legacy Coalition

Ranger Regimine and Dracarys join Imperium

Fraternity, United Federation of Conifers and others intend to divide Branch and Deklein up but there is still quite a lot of space apparently available

  • How and why did the war start
  • What were the turning points
  • What now for the north – long terms consequences

Massive fight continues for J164430, Scary Wormhole People home system, nicknamed Solaris, is under siege by LZR,
Inner Hell and HK. ExookiZ, alliance leadership, is away at the CSM summit 

  • Who is involved
  • Why is TDSIN being evicted (exookie at summit)
  • What’s at stake
  • How have the new mechanic changes affected the fights
  • Counter attacks/evictions
  • What is different about this time?


CSM Summit – takeaways

Sneak peak at Abyssal standings



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