CCP MuppetHunter and CCP Rattati

CCP MuppetHunter and CCP Rattati

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CCP MuppetHunter and Rattati talk about EVE ecology and economy. We discuss the challenges of designing a game like EVE and get some insight into theories of game design.


  • Matterall
  • CCP Rattati, Lead Producer, EVE Online Ecosystem, CCP Games
  • CCP MuppetHunter, Design Director, CCP Games
  • Carneros (Ancient Hittite Corporation [The Bastion])

Off camera:

  • Fonsui (Signal Cartel, Convocation of Empyreans)
  • Teddy Gbyc ( Outfoxed , Sinners Trajectory )

Content Guide: 

Recorded February 27 for release on March 1, 2020.



MuppetHunter has spent decades working on games ranging from pen and paper to computer games. He worked on trading card games, board games, and roleplaying games, such as Legend of the Five Rings. He helped write and guide the production of Mind’s Eye Theater: Vampire the Masquerade (part of WoD setting). He has been Design Lead for Guild Wars 2 from ArenaNet before finding his way to CCP. He’s now the Design Director for EVE Online, concerning himself with features and playstyles.

CCP Rattati has been with CCP for over 13 years working as a financial analyst, business strategist and game producer. He was senior producer of DUST514, and game director for Nova. Now he is now working on EVE Online as Lead Producer, EVE Online Ecosystem.

  1. MH – World of Darkness? What was it like writing for that? (Matterall)
  2. R – Nova status now. What was the 514 in DUST? Are you 100% EVE now? (Carneros)

GDC is a month away. That’s the annual Game Developer Conference held in San Francisco. Are CCP attending? Are you attending? Is the headline-making coronavirus putting doubt on your travel plans? (Carneros)

Discuss definition of “#eveforever” (Fonsui)

Overview of EVE Online development (Matterall)

  • What state was the game in last year?
  • Where is it now?
  • What state will it be in 1 year, 5 years?

Mineral distribution changes (Carneros)

Nerfing Capitals (Matterall)

Scarcity: Players finding things more valuable – How to create that?

PVE – finding the content. Gala was a popup and then nothing.

Challenges of new players with existing players? “Red dot Rebellion”

Players think in terms of “new players, bitter vet or high/low/null sec” lifestyles – how do you conceptualize gamestyles?

How do you convince players to try to “break the game” less and “enjoy the world more.”


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