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Talking in Stations
Talking in Stations
Council of Stellar Management

Devs and CSM gather to talk about the Council and its role in helping CCP develope EVE Online. Please note, the application deadline for CSM14 has ended (May 12, 2019).

  • Seleene Body Count Inc. Corporation [Pandemic Legion]
  • Suitonia V0LTA Corporation [WE FORM V0LTA]
  • Carneros Ancient Hittite Corporation Corporation [The Bastion]
  • Elise Randolph Habitual Euthanasia Corporation [Pandemic Legion]

CSM12 & CSM13

CCP’s Article ‘CSM 14 – ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW!’
The CSM campaign section of the Eve online Forums
NoisyGamers CSM Wire site breaking down the CSM Campaigns
Unofficial CSM Logo based of CCPs Corporate Logo
CSM 13 Team Photo on Twitter
CSM 12 Team Photo on Twitter
CSM13 winners from the CSM13 announcement at Fanfest

Seleene in CSM7

u/Seleene’s Reddit post ”I’m Seleene, former CCP Game Designer and current Chairman of CSM 7. AMA (non-NDA) about EVE, the CSM & CCP
Riverini’s article on EveNews24 ‘Seleene elected as new CSM7 Chairman’
Seleene’s old EN24 CSM Update #2
Eve Universities descriptor of a Q&A session with CSM7 Chairman Seleene
The E-Uni Q&A session with CSM7 Chairman Seleene on Youtube

Focus Groups

CCP Fozzie’s old Eve Online forum post ‘[Focus Group] Tactical Destroyers Signup’
CCP Larrikin’s olf Eve Online forum post ‘[Focus Group] Capital Ships’

Player News

EVE Pulse – EVE Russia, New Expansion, 16th Birthday & More on YouTube
CCP’s article ‘EVE ONLINE WORLD TOUR 2019’
Streamfleets Videos on YouTube

CCP Peligro and Team Security’s controversy regarding bot banning

Daily Macro Bans from the Jan 1st 2019 to May 7th 2019 compiled by CCP Peligro
CCP Peligro’s Reddit post that sparked off controversy that CCP might lay responsibility of Botting on player org leaderships
The ‘Pie of Shame’ most members banned from Alliances Pie chart compiled by CCP Peligro
u/Rageliner aka Headliner’s Reddit post ‘IMPERIUM FIRESIDE SPOILERS: Invasion plans leaked’

Game News

Eve Status on Twitter reporting on the Tranquility Server shutdown and restart
CCP’s article regarding the May 7th 64bit Mass Test
Oringar Heavyhammer’s 34.5B Shuttle Lossmail on zKillboard
Xoorauch Gazer’s beautiful Ninazu lossmail on zKillboard
Battle Report on zKillboard regarding Fi.RE Coalition vs Winter Coalition in YF-P4X in Tenerifis (-1 RA Titan to -30 Winter Co Capitals)

TEST and The Army of the Mango Alliance

Progodlegend’s internal TEST forum post image on imgur, detailing the friendly relation with Serenity Server’s PIBC Alliance coming over to Tranquility into The Army of the Mango Alliance
The Omist region on Dotlan

Ongoing Chinese integration into Tranquility

u/Eve_Asher’s Reddit Post ‘Slyce kicked from GOTG to protect Chinese renting’
u/gooncuckbtw’s Reddit post ‘VFK by RIGHT ****ING NOW! STRUCTURE TRANSFER OFFER!’

Influence Maps

Verite’s Alliance Sovereignty Influence Map at the time of the show
Verite’s Coalition Sovereignty Influence Map at the time of the show


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