Null-Sec Blackout Effects on Wormholers (The Hole Story)

Null-Sec Blackout Effects on Wormholers (The Hole Story)
The Hole Story

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    • ExookiZ   The Dark Space Initiative [Scary Wormhole People]
    • Dmitry – The Aesir
    • Phial Lux Permanet
    • Ryvaal dead.orbit


Introductions – how old is your crew, its current iteration.

  • What brought you to WH space?
  • Now that were entering the 2nd week of blackout, do you see people heading to Whs? 
  • If you can speak to it, how have you found building a Wh corp from scratch? Or if not scratch small size? Do you find it easier that your small and unknown?
  • A common concern players have when trying to move/join Wh space is that its dominated by large Wh crews and there is little/no place for smaller corps. Do you find this to be accurate? How do you survive in Wh space as a smaller crew?


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