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Talking in Stations
Talking in Stations
All-Out War of Annihilation

A massive new war has erupted between Goonswarm and TEST that will draw in a number of alliances too. This is the MAXimum Damage (2008), Fountain War (2013), and WWB (2016) combined, drawing from characteristics of both, but unlike those wars, this one is a fight to the death; an all-out war of annihilation. How did it start? How will it end?


Fu1crum (Army of Mango)

Noraus (Fraternity)

Pando (Initiative)

Vily (TEST) 

Matterall, Elise Randolph, MacCloud, Tytalus


War Update


Proving Grounds


Episode Credits

Producers – Matterall, Artemis Albosa

Streaming Engineer – MacCloud

Podcast Editor – MacCloud

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Reference Links,5/FAT-6P,544/D-PNP9:FAT-6P

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