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Talking in Stations
Talking in Stations
City-State Sanctuaries

The New Eden Trading Company effort is over, and the structures have been given away to new owners – Fafer and Max Singularity. They (along with me) will form a league of City-State Sanctuaries (Freeported Keepstars). We also check in with Vily of TEST Alliance on their recent victories in war, and we end with a closer look at theory crafting with Pando, from Initiative.

On the show:

  • Matterall
  • Apothne (Pandemic Legion)


  • Fafer (Ghost Legion, DRF)
  • Max Singularity (6th Empire “The Space Pope”)
  • Pandoralica (theory crafter, The Initiative)
  • Vily (Test Alliance)

Show Notes:

  • “April Fools” – Rickroll
  • TEST Alliance fighting on 2 fronts
    • Fighting off NC/PL  300 NC/PL dreadnaughts killed by TEST
    • War with Fraternity and exProvi alliances
    • Supercap Dominance
      • NC/PL or Imperium are the superpowers
    • Phoebe Jump changes dialed back makes it easier to defend space
    • What’s Next for TEST
      • Expect more fights, maybe lose a little sov but TEST will win
      • Fraternity will lose
        • Chinese not up to fighting on Tranquility server
  • City-State Sanctuaries
    • The New Eden Trade Company (NETC) is dead – the structures were given to Fafer and Ghost Legion
    • History of NETC
      • NETC was created as a plan to drop structures around EVE as trade hubs, chaining jumps
      • Financed by Lenny Kravitz and friends, only the northern areas were populated
        • 3 Keepstars (Maila, Aunenen, Basgerin) many Fortizars
      • Chribba was “owner” to ensure the trust of freeport status
    • Chribba and the 3rd party business is no longer needed to trade expensive goods
    • Babylon 5 (Basgerin)
    • The Vatican and the “White-Hat” Fleet
    • Strategic growth of City-State Sanctuaries (Keepstars)
      • Northern Keepstars won’t give access to Imperium
      • Only Keepstars are Sanctuaries – No Fortizars or smaller structures
      • NRDS – an evolution of the Not Red Don’t Shoot concept
      • Other people can join Sanctuary City-States
      • Fake fortizars were a problem – no more fortizars
      • Not for profit effort
    • Joining Sanctuary City-States – TIS will join the effort
      • Raising money by allowing TIS episode sponsorships
    • Careful planning of not dropping keepstars near Null Sec alliances
  • Doctrines with Pando, Apothne, and Vily
    • Pando – FC and theory crafting for Initiative
      • Using PYFA or EFT 3rd party programs – to theory crafting
        • Snatch fleet
        • 3G Ravens
    • When new fits get created
      • New game changes
      • New need
    • Pando creates based on the situation
    • Doctrines better than Kitchen sink fleets
    • “Engageability”
    • How FC’s determine when to fight
    • Origins of Doctrines – Firewall Battleships, pipe-bombs
    • FC egos
    • Vily hero video


Soundtrack: Instrumental – But Not Tonight (Depeche Mode)

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