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Talking in Stations
Talking in Stations
Pandemic Legion's Hedliner

Pandemic Legion’s leader, Hedliner stops in to talk about the recent fight against TEST. We explore the shifting alliances between Imperium, TEST, and PL. Elise Randolph drops a bunch of history on us! Glorious. We also wrap up the ‘Augmented’ Booster rewards that spiked skill injector prices.

  • Matterall  Destructive Influence Corporation (NC)
  • Carneros  Ancient Hittite Corporation (Bastion)
  • RonUSMC  Dreddit Corporation (TEST)
  • Elise Randolph  Habitual Euthanasia Corporation (PL)
  • Opner Dresden   H A V O C Corporation (NC)
  • Hedliner  Sniggerdly Corporation (PL)


  • Announcement: TIS now recorded live on Twitch/Talkingstations
  • TEST invades Horde space in Geminate
    • Battle in O1-FTD, Geminate
  • PL and TEST relationship
  • Northern Strategy
  • History with Elise Randolph
  • VOLTA moves to Thera
  • Rare Alliance Tournament ship destroyed
  • ‘Augmented’ Booster – wrap up and conclusions


TEST deployment location on Dotlan
Staging system on Dotlan
Image from RonUSMC of the fight in O1-FTD
zKillboard BR of the O1-FTD fight
Verite influence Map from late 2010
V0lta Corp on Dotlan
Co-operative Abyssal overview on Eve-Updates by CCP
Lussy Lou’s zKillboard
Skill injector image by CCP
Large skill injector price spike image (Q4 2018)
The Eve Online Character Bazaar by CCP
Matterals high SP character bought for Skill Injector Booster Event
Character purchase Scam on Character Bazaar
SerratedX’s Victor lossmail on zKillboard
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Talking in Stations Patreon

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