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Talking in Stations
Talking in Stations
Failure of Automation

This week on Talking in Stations, we examine the security update, the activities of players, the results of this week’s content update, and what’s on the horizon. Low sec hunter Joebane joins us. (Apologies to fans for the bad sound quality at times.)

  • Matterall  Destructive Influence Corporation (NC.)
  • Carneros  Ancient Hittite Corporation (The Bastion)
  • Ashterothi Malevelon Roe Industries
  • Elise Randolph  Habitual Euthanasia (PL)
  • NoizyGamer  The Nosy Gamer Blog
  • JoeBane Average Pilots (WKEND) – Streamer


Local Chat is back

Security Update

January patch and future patches

Low Sec Life with JoeBane

TEST changes direction

EVE World Tour on TIS


Police skins:

Next patch

Structures Skins teaser image

CCPs recent Security Update Dev Blog

CCPs Dev blog on their awareness of the chat system Issues affecting Eve Online

Authy – alternative web based 2fa solution

CCP’s helpdesk page on setting up Google Authenticator for Eve Online

CCP’s article about ‘Unholy Rage’ – action against RMT, Bots and other illicit activity against CCP

Great website for Eve Online PCU statistics over time by Chribba

CCP updates website detailing upcoming Eve features in production for 2019

u/ronnyhugo’s reddit post ‘While waiting for 64bit client here are some workarounds proven to reduce DCs.’ RonUSMC’s gif of the new Nyx Police skin

Jobane’s Twitch Page

Example of Atron FW bot on zKillboard

Faction Warfare influence map at the time of the show by Verite

zKillboards lowsec page

L4X-FH TEST and co dreadbomb countered by Northern Super/titan fleet zkillboard

Vilys leaked TEST Update on their Northern Deployment

EC-P8R dreadbomb that went awry on

The Kalevala Expanse on Dotlan

The Detorid region on Dotlan

Peanuts55’s twitch channel showcasing FRT and co Invading the South

The Systems of FR46-E and U0W-DR in Detorid on Dotlan

Alliance sovereignty influence map at the time of the show by Verite

Coalition influence map at the time of the show by Verite

Thukker tribe page on Eve University wiki

Noisy Gamers Blog Page

TIS’s player meetups page

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