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Talking in Stations
Talking in Stations
Electus Matari vs Hog Hitmen

Minmatarian alliance Electus Matari’s war with Hog hitmen. Conclusion of PLEX for Good’s Golden Magnage. Ranger Regimine’s staging keepstar in ZH3-BS dies.


  • Matterall  
  • Elise Randolph

Off camera:

  • Kelon Darklight
  • DJ Alard (Collapsed Out [Pandemic Legion])
  • Debes Sparre (Gradient [Electus Matari])

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Silent Company, the largest highsec alliance has to quickly move their members to a new alliance after allegedly a spy transferred a POCO allowing them to become war eligible without their upper leadership realizing

Upcoming wormhole update coming on Tuesday “From Wormholes with Love’. Additions include more wormhole connections, higher chance of pvp drops in Jspace and chances to find the new ‘Saviour’ logistics implants in sites

PLEX for Good for the Australian Brush Fires raise $107,454

Gold M – 1001001/2687693 plex is 37.24% of the plex in total, with the donation being 107454 USD, total donation is 40020 USD

War Update

Keepstar in ZH3- dies

Gobbins announces a shift in the war with the keepstar kill. However the Panda Family Coalition still hasn’t pushed into Branch or Deklein

Siberian Squads loses a fortizar last Sunday

Pandafam and friend(TEST?) vs Goons + DeadCo. for the hull timer of a SBSQ Fortizar in PF-QHK. About 2500 characters were shown in the system and caused a tidi of 5%. Pandafam won the fight by dropping about 150 titans and more than 100 supercarriers. The total lost in the battle is 163.2b while Pandafam lost only 38b in it

Total isk war for this week is (Goonswarm/Initiative/DeadCo) losing approx 230b to 30b of Panda Family (Panfam/Fraternity) and a bit of Legacy Coalition (TEST/Fi.Re Coalition)

New typhoon doctrine from goons

FC Jericho moves corp from Horde to NC

High Director Arqui moves from Horde to NC

Electus Matari

War with Hog Hitmen


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