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Talking in Stations
Talking in Stations
Julianus Soter on Faction War Updates

Check in with Julianus Soter post CCP Faction War updates and changes.


  • Silver Suspiria (Mecha Enterprises Fleet [Federation Uprising])
  • Julianus Soter (Leader GMVA)

Off camera:

Content Guide:

  • How did the Champions of Low Sec event impact Low SEC and FW?
  • To no one’s surprise SNUFF reforms and wins, how has their activity been?
  • Rebalance of LP from FW missions and increased LP earned from kills
    – has this been gamed at all?
    – has encourage more fighting?
  • Battleship passes, including new terrain on the map with a battleship plex
    – how does this shape system control?
  • Battleship changes in general
    -More HP, Scan Res, Speed, and damage
  • Plex size? Does this help with the “sliding” issue
  • Surgical strike Changes
    – does this help the fax power imbalance?
    – Low SEC brawling is common, more damage less tank more better?



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