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Talking in Stations
Talking in Stations
Triglavian Ships in Wormholes (The Hole Story)

The Whole Story talks to wormhole CSM candidates about the new ships in wormhole space, and the Invasion expansion.

  • Mortarian Decala Wormhole Society (WHSOC) – CSM Candidate
  • Hoss Fever Wormhole Society (WHSOC) – CSM Candidate
  • Compayn Mouth Trumpet Cavalry (MCAV) – CSM Candidate
  • Valasius Ember Sands ( POSPY)

Wormhole PVP metas and predictions on how the new ships may (or may not) impact it Everyone talked about their favorite fleets to run in Wormhole space, and what’s popular right now. Deep dive into each of the new ships, on how they’d be used (or, in sounds like, not be used) in wormholes, comparing them to existing trig ships, and other comparable we wrapped up with some light discussion about Invasion

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