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Talking in Stations
Talking in Stations
Foxholers Resist Eviction

This week the Foxholers prevented Hole Control from evicting them, and created a new fleet concept in doing so. In war news, an Imperium Keepstar was stolen by NCdot, and two full constellations were flipped in Fountain as that reconquest begins. Initiative won’t be there to defend it because they deployed to Curse where they expect to put a hurting on Catch. That and much more on this episode of Talking in Stations.


Arsia, Suitonia, Hateless, Elise Randolph, Matterall, Niden, Teddy

Control Room: Maccloud (stream engineer)


  • Tax holiday – 50% Tax (Matterall fat-fingered 39 Billion away)
  • EVE Online Partnership for TIS
  • EVE Online Mac Client, Native for OS

News and Review

ESS Adjustments – better ratting, faster collection of ISK, bigger battleground

Increase drop rates of loot for Edencomm LP

Holiday Items on Hoboleaks

  • New Metaliminal Ice Storms will appear in high, low and nullsec with Sansha NPCs
  • New Filaments, including ones that allow you to go to highsec or lowsec
  • Rapture Implant set (Cap Regeneration) 2nd Sansha Implant set
  • T2 Salvage Drones


  • Keepstar stolen –  K-6 (Delve)
  • Initiative deployed to Curse
  • PAPI attacks Fountain
  • Faction Forts – to kill or not to kill?

Triglavians Attacked Parameter

  • How to raise your standing
  • How to make money in Pochven


  • HK/Lazer/Wormhole society take on Singularity Syndicate
  • Hole Control attempted eviction of Outfoxed

Pendulum War in FW

  • Amarr/Min war zone flipped

Parabellum in Finanar War

Show links: (12 golems)

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