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Talking in Stations
Talking in Stations
2019 in Review: Fall and Winter

We end our 2019 Year In Review starting with Drifter attacks and Blackout. The Chaos Era in EVE Begins. Dark Shines talks about changes and Dunk Dinkle comically rants about lack of media coverage for the “Forgotten War.”


  • Dark Shines (CEO of The Fuel Cartel. [The Initiative.])
  • Dunk Dinkle (Brave Newbies [Brave Collective])

TIS Crew:

  • Carneros (Ancient Hittite Corporation [The Bastion])
  • Elise Randolph (Habitual Euthanasia [Pandemic Legion])

2019 in Review – The Chaos Era (talk about briefly) 

  • Review of the Tribute War (Dark Shines)
    • Estimate 4 trillion isk lost in structures from Panfam and affiliated alliances
  • Move back to Delve at the end of June
    • The surprise attack by NPC invaders 
    • The mad dash to protect structures in select systems
    • The reorganization of structure fittings and gunning rights
    • The formation of the Null First channel
  • Tribute vacuum starts filling as new alliances start settling in 
    • Trigger Happy, Rote Kapelle, Hazardous Company, Unspoken Alliance 
  • Vale of the Silent 
    • Reverberation Project, Ur Dunked, Divinity, Scumlords
  • Blackout (Dunk and Dark Shines)
    • Extremely polarizing
      • PvE focused characters felt unsafe
      • Hunters found new life as the blanket protection of local was removed
  • In August, an overhaul of how cynosural fields are used is announced while the changes don’t hit until September
    • The nerf of the VNI announced; it is the most widely used for nullsec ratting and most abused by bots
    • Changes from drone to turret platform to bring it more in line with the other Gallente ships
    • Changes the purpose of the ship from PVE to small gang PVP
  • The debut of Team Talos at Eve Vegas in October
    • Changes to Command Destroyer Microjump Field announced among other things

2019 in Review – The Close of the Year

  • Fraternity loses the continuum of the Extinction War and retreats to Outer Passage
    • Legacy loses about approx. 14.8t to 11.6t lost by Winter Coalition
  • War Returns to the North
    • PanFam attacks Dead Coalition through Tenal
    • Dead Coalition hires The Initiative. 
    • The Futility of Time Zones
  • The CSM argument between Vily and Sort Dragon
    • TEST Alliance declares war against Sort Dragon
    • Does this include Legacy Coalition?
  • CSM in review 2019 (Dunk Dinkle)
  • Surprise Hypernet Relay brings back some of the feeling of Somer.Blink
  • Surprise Holiday gift of teleporting filaments


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