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Talking in Stations
Talking in Stations
Campaign Ends

This week on Talking in Stations the campaign of Goonswarm Federation has officially ended with a deal between Aryth and Sort Dragon. We talk with Goonswarm Supercapital FC Asher Elias and Pandemic Legion FC Elise Randolph as we look at the mutation of the war from both sides.

On the show:

  • Matterall
  • Artimus Albosa
  • Dirk MacGirk


  • Asher Elias Goonwaffe [Goonswarm Federation]
  • Elise Randolph Habitual Euthanasia [Pandemic Legion]


Show Notes:  

  • Analysis of the mutation of War (Asher’s side)
  • Quiet start of the campaign in November
    • winning consistently outnumbered
    • Asher’s motto is “Fun or fights is the most precious resource. If you have fun or fights other people will want to be involved because its the thing that you can’t make more of.”
    • Don’t post on reddit, don’t talk in local when you’re getting what you want.
    • When GSF capital fleet went to Hakonen a year prior, BigBuilderBoss3 didn’t want to move his capitals back and since the insurance was running out he started solo dropping in Deklien
    • he was getting a decent amount of kills and started bringing friends up. The goon Black Ops SIG came up and messaged Asher to bring Reavers up. Asher messaged Kendarr who came up with Space Violence several months after that
    • GotG timezoned tanked their structures to US intially and after Reavers changed to EUTZ. SV is EUTZ so they moved it to AUTZ.
    • CO2 moved to Fade sometime around Space Violence’s Deployment
    • Even when GSF couldn’t take structure fights, they would anchor structures in territories or on the KS’s grid to be demoralizing
  • Sort’s Deal in the North
    • the deal between Sort Dragon and Aryth would give GSF 40 Faction Fortizars or 30 faction fortizars plus 5  Moreau types in exchange for six months of no aggression between GSF and Dead Coalition and one month non aggression in northern territories
  • The Five Trillion Isk Heist
    • Bluemelon ex-PL stole 23 AT ships from the PL AT team. He cited the theft of his erebus as the motivation for the theft
  • #Eveathon 72 hour Charity Stream


Wrap Up:

  • Thanks to INN subscribers and tipsters, and TIS Patreons “colored names”
  • For more information on this and other episodes, visit
  • Thanks Panel, guests, staff (more specific)


Soundtrack: Instrumental – “But Not Tonight” (Depeche Mode)


More Information and Links:

Asher Elias’ Soundcloud for his podcast ‘The Asher Hour’ by Soundcloud

Alliance Sovereignty Map by Verite on the day of the show
Coalition Sovereignty Map by Verite on the day of the show
Eve Online is gearing up for a ‘million dollar battle’ by Charlie Hall on Polygon
EvE Online: Raw footage from the 9-4 fight on Youtube by Orange Eagle
News Update – GOON KEEPSTAR GOES ONLINE IN THE NORTH on Youtube by New Eden Report
C-LTXS Super Brawl Cinematic on Youtube by Autistic Hel
PL Supercap movement down south by MacCloud
TEST Alliance SOTA Mail by ProgodLegend on Pastebin
[Cinematic] The Battle of UALX-3 on Youtube by Adan Dimaloun
The O-N8XZ System on Dotlan – an important system captured by Space Violence (an Imperium SIG) used as a midpoint for Imperium Supercap Escalations
Infrastructure Hub (iHub) Image by CCP
The X47L-Q System on Dotlan
X47L-Q Keepstar Battle – Armor Timer – EVE Online on Youtube by GamingWithDaOpa
The E9KD-N System on Dotlan – a beachhead into fade for Imperium.
The 4 Northern Keepstars that died in 1 day on Dotlan by Matterall
INN Article about the Treaty between Imperium and The North

Breakdown of the Pandemic Legion Alliance by Eve Prism

Bluemelons Reddit post about leaving the game with 18AT ships from PL
Image of the ships that were stolen by Blue Melon

#Eveathon 72hour charity stream Example on Twitch by Spam4Heals

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