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Into the Abyss Expansion Preview

We take a closer look at Into the Abyss expansion that will arrive on May 29th. Elise Randalph returns to discuss recent events in sovereign space and the surrounding areas. Ashterothi and Bardghost Isu take us into the Abyssal space gameplay where they describe the real world experience.  Are they fast and fun? We’ll find out. Faction War makes an appearance as Caldari gain momentum against the Gallente.

On the show:

  • Matterall
  • Ashterothi (Fed Up, Gallente faction war, broadcaster, EVE analyst)
  • Carneros (Bastion)


  • Elise Randalph (Pandemic Legion)
  • Bardghost Isu (Bastion)

Show Notes:

  • News
    • CCP Seagull Departure from EVE Online
      • 4 years as Executive Producer
        • She focused EVE on the players
    • Imperium full scale invasion?
      • Guardians of Galaxy under pressure in Pure Blind and Fade
      • Bastion Alliance and others deployed in the North
      • Tip: How to target randomly
      • Black Legion is deploying to defend GOTG
      • Tip: Timezone coverage and tanking
      • Expeditionary wars in the future?
      • Sov holders don’t need more space
      • R16s and PI valuable now
      • Density of riches – income systems build up, not out
      • NC brawling from Gehi, Khanid
    • Drone Regions changing hands
      • Volta – Oasa
      • HK – cobalt edge
      • Pizza/Paisti – Parragain falls
    • C02 Keepstar online –  Vale/Geminate Border
    • CVA picks up 2 systems in Provi
      • Dreadbomb win over PL
      • Entosis mechanics
    • Faction War (Gallente vs Caldari)
      • Caldari are “Plexed up”
      • Warp core Stabilizers in FW
    • DDoS attacks
    • Reddit Mods under fire
    • Be Omega by May 6th for ships
    • June 6th Outposts and Stations change to Faction Fortizars
      • 68 Original conquerable station owners get a beacon in space
  • Into the Abyss
    • Abyssal Deadspace
      • Doing the missions
      • Converting the loot
      • Trade and contracts
      • Effects on meta (criticisms)
      • CCP Rise interview by Ashterothi (on crossingzebras.com)
        • New controversy erupted by Rise mischaracterization
      • Mukk Barovian reddit article
      • Mutagens compared to Boosters
      • “Trustworthy arms dealers”
    • PVE expansions
    • PI QoL pass
    • Real world experience doing Abyssal Deadspace



Soundtrack: Instrumental – But Not Tonight (Depeche Mode)


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