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Talking in Stations
Talking in Stations
Bloodlines and the Winter Nexus

CCP is changing how players see the lore from the start, and the Winter Nexus event is here and promises to be lucrative.


Arsia, Suitonia, Hateless, Elise Randolph, Matterall

Control Room: Maccloud (stream engineer)


Patch Notes – Japanese Localization

Drone Changes, Clone changes 

Character Creator change

  • Resculpting.
  • Bloodlines linked to “face type” with no context.
  • Now any bloodline/face type can go to any school.
  • Characters leaving corp seem to drop back to school now instead of other corps.
  • Clothes/tattoos still locked to various bloodlines. Cannot mix/match.
  • New creator seems to happen just *some* of the time with *new accounts*.

Winter Nexus

War News

Year in review – development 

Jan 16th – Fight or Flight (Quadrant 1), Heavy Missiles, Implants

Feb 11th – From Wormholes With Love (WH), Needlejack Filaments, Guardian’s Gala

Mar 10th – Broker Relations (day trading), Frigate Escape Bay, FW

Apr 15th – Eclipse (Quadrant 2), Surgical Strike (capital rebalance, resistance modules)

May 26th – Invasion Chapter 3 (expansion), Forsaken Fortress

Jun 15th – Edencomm ships, CSM15, Project Discovery 3

Jul 14th – Zenith (Quadrant 3), Combat Command Update, Abyssal Proving Grounds Update, Champions of the Abyss, Tribute to the Fallen (memorial)

Aug 11th – Metaliminal Storms, Dreaded Collective update (Trig),

Sep 8th – Quantum Cores, Abyssal tiers and update, EdenComm fix, Blops), Resource Distribution Update, GM Week

Oct 13th – Phoenix Quadrant 4, Howling Interdictors (dictors)

Nov 10th – Vat Out of Hel (supercarriers), DBS & ESS, Explosive Velocity (Torps/Dreads)

Dec 8th – Japanese Localization, Winter Nexus


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