Midweek Update

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Triglavian invasion mystery is happening to New Eden. We hear from Uriel Anteovnuecci, an expert on the subject about what is happening now and what is coming soon.
  • Artimus Albosa   Pandemic Horde Inc. [Pandemic Horde]
  • Silver Suspiria   Mecha Enterprises Fleet [Federation Uprising]
  • RonUSMC   Dreddit [Test Alliance Please Ignore]
  • Uriel Paradisi Anteovnuecci   Itsukame-Zainou Hyperspatial Inquiries Ltd. [Arataka Research Consortium]


Uriel Anteovnuecci – player background


Lore primer

Triglavian propaganda video

Giant trig ship under construction

New t2 trig ships

Player News

Eve Retreat 2019

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