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Devs improved torpedos and slightly nerfed the stealth bomber. Caldari dreadnought Phoenix improved too.

Phoenix received a CPU and Power Grid increase and a significant improvement to its principal weapon systems, the XL torpedoes. The torpedos gain speed and range and do more damage. The Phoenix was already useful in wormholes and against Force Auxiliaries (FAX) with active tanks. The dread is also good with (High Angle Weaponaly) HAWs, which benefited from another buff. All other Torpedos have increased range, speed, and applied damage. Other ships that will benefit from the Torpedo improvements are Caldari and Minmatar battleships and the Barghest, which is especially good at level 5 and 6 abyssals.

The useless Griffin Navy Issue (GNI) had its drone bay increased, among other things. The verdict is out on their new utility. Early reports are the GNI not improved, but the creative players may find a niche for it.

Stealth bombers have a range increase but less application of damage.

One server improvement will improve the stability of damage-over-time in laggy fights. The improvement appears to be related to the Boson trap fail in FWST-8. The Imperium surrounded NC/PL supercarriers with 18 Titans and all fired Boson Doomsdays to create a death zone. The supercarriers survived due to the server failing to record damage. CCP has not claimed the there was an error, but this fix’s language is highly specific.


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