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PAPI destroyed eleven more infrastructure hubs (iHub) in Delve

November 18, 2020

War Report

PAPI destroyed eleven more infrastructure hubs (iHub) in Delve and Fake Querious*, including the entire SPNZ-Z constellation, which contains the former Imperium capital fleet staging of D-W7F0. The assault stopped one system short of 1DQ1-A, the designated capital system of the Goonswarm.

Delve iHubs
Delve Map: PAPI takes 11 iHubs

Imperium fought outnumbered and achieved their objective in K-6K16 by destroying the PAPI iHub, resetting the strategic index, delaying a cyno-jammer placement. A cyno-jammer would spell doom for the Imperium Keepstar in K-6K16.

As Imperium took up a stronghold position in northern Delve, PAPI targeted valuable structures in the south, destroying a ‘Prometheus’ Fortizar with M1R Outpost Rig in 48I1-X, Period Basis, and a second Prometheus in J-LPX7, Delve.

Imperium and allies counterstrike in Esoteria. The Bastion, The Initiative, and Stain-Russian alliances fought in Esoteria. Ferrata Victrix, Red Alliance, AAA, Afterlife destroyed an Army of Mango Abbadon fleet in 0-O6XF.

FAYN Industries, former Imperium renter corporation, loses titan to Triumvirate in Outer Ring. FAYN Industries was a renter from both Initiative Associates and Infensus.

Correction – Trigger Happy does not own a Keepstar. Their CEO faked a screenshot and passed it off as real to get Pandafam to react.

*Fake Quarious is the part of Quarious that overlaps the center of Delve.

Full report

  • Matterall, TIS News

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