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NCdot FC Pittsburg2989 captured a unanchored Goonswarm structure in K-6K, that belonged to Goonswarm. He wrote:

“Props to the crew. Bob was FC, Joey Zahm told us it unanchored, Tar gave up a freighter, and Tits flew the fastest freighter in the South. I just was a cyno, DPS, and some loot rorqs. Thanks for the Christmas present though mittens/asher.”

Imperium leaders stated the Keepstar came out a week earlier than expected. The working theory is there was a foul-up resetting the cycle on the unanchor timer, a common tactic to throw off waiting bandits. Goonswarm officials are investigating what went wrong.

The Keepstar capture punctuates a series of structure takedowns in Delve. At the beginning of the war, estimates put the number of Imperium structures at 3,000. Two months ago, that estimate fell to 2,200. A few weeks ago, it was 1,800, and recent estimates number around 1,600. Some structures are being stripped of their fittings and left without fuel, causing them to fall into an abandoned state. This state creates opportunities to destroy and loot the structures.

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