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A traitor disbanded Legacy Coalition’s Requiem Eternal. A Req member gained access to the executor corp and hit the disband buttons, flipping a Moreau fortizar over to Goonswarm before making off with 300-400 billion in supplies. The event caused 50 systems to drop, mostly in Omist and Tenerifis. Legacy Coalition re-anchored most iHubs in less than 4 hours. This incident was reminiscent of the Nulli sov drop during the Fountain War during the Dominion era, where N3 and PL reconquered the same area in 24 hrs. The rapid reconquest after a significant sov drop is rare and impressive.

The Imperium lost FC Joey Zahm to Original Sinners corp in NCdot. Joey was visible in an NCdot fleet that killed a Wyvern in 1DQ. The supercap pilot joined a fleet that warped him out to an ambush point. The waiting dreads made short work of it. Reveka. corp used the same trick on AoM yesterday, netting a Nyx. In addition to Joey leaving the Imperium, his corporation, ChemiKals corp, left Goonswarm. NCdot also lost a corp, Remember The Fallen.

Snuffed Out battled it out with Ushra’Khan (UK) over a fortizar in Dal, Heimatar. Alliances from the Recking Crew assisted UK. The Recking Crew and Snuffed Out are enemies, and this rivalry has made for strange bedfellows, such as Snuffed Out and Provi Bloc fighting Recking Crew and Ushra’Khan.

The elite wormhole group Inner Hell has reformed after taking some time off.

Fraternity capital ships moved to Venal. Their target appears to be the Trigger Happy alliance of Tribute.

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