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Talking in Stations
Talking in Stations
UAxDEATH and Grath Return to EVE

UAxDEATH, Grath, JSilva return to EVE Online, While Olmeca Gold takes a break from the game.


  • UAxDEATH (The xDEATHx Squadron [Legion of xXDEATHXx])
  • Major JSilva (4S Corporation [Goonswarm Federation])
  • Grath Telkin (Akkoro [Ocularis Inferno])
  • Olmeca Gold (Democratic Space Socialism [CSM])

TIS Crew

  • Matterall
  • Elise Randolph (Habitual Euthanasia [Pandemic Legion])
  • MacCloud (The Graduates [The Initiative.])

Return to EVE

Guest Introductions

Olmeca’s winning EVE – His letter of departure

Guest CSM Tenures

The Perils of Fame in the early days of EVE Online

Olmecas Whaling adventures

Major JSilva, UAxDEATH and Graths journey back to EVE

EVE skills in the real world

Covid19 quarantine and EVE Onlines increasing PCU

Silent Company and its rise in Highsec 

So is EVE Online worth playing in 2020? the good, the bad.

Should EVE Online be slower or faster in pace?


UAxDEATHs early motivations and EVE history

The Power of Diplomacy and subtlety of Strategy

EVEs player behaviour TOS change and the fallout 

UAxDEATHs dealing with the FBI and Homeland Security 


“Forsaken Fortress” coming on May 26 (June 2nd first abandoned structures) 

DDOS continues with an extended downtime today for some secret upgrades to harden Tranquility. Hilmar suspects it’s angry banned botters.

Plex For Good for COVID-19 continues

The deadline is Monday, May 11 to file to be a candidate for CSM 15

The 17th anniversary stream featuring CCP Convict, CCP Hellmar, CCP TK, and Elise Randolph was very good. Carneros:”As a marketing guy, I had to appreciate Hilmar’s answers to the questions.”

EVE Portal app got a major upgrade and now lets Omega-class players buy & sell PLEX on the Jita market from their smartphone

Fraternity SOTA

Side notes

Used in show

Preparation Material

  • These individuals made contributions to EVE’s past and in UAxDEATH’s case were spoken of in Empires of EVE by Andrew Groen
  • After years and years of dedicated, hardcore EVE participation, these individuals walked away and stopped logging in
  • They have come back to EVE in the time of the coronavirus pandemic and begun to rebuild their life in New Eden
  • They have something to tell you


  • Tell us about yourself (briefly)
    • Tell us about your EVE journey to get to where you are?
    • Who are you and what you used to do in your corporation?
  • Tell us about the CSM in your day
    • What years were you on the CSM and why did you join?
    • What advice would you have for someone considering running for CSM 15?
  • Tell us about walking away from EVE
    • How long were you gone?
    • What was the trigger that made you leave?
    • Who did you leave in charge?
    • Did you watch to see how he/she did with what you gave them?
    • What did you do with your stuff? Did you regret that later?
  • Tell us about coming back to EVE
    • What was the trigger that made you come back to EVE?
    • How much did the coronavirus pandemic influence you to return to New Eden?
    • Were you surprised by your community when you returned? How so?
    • What was the hardest part about coming back?
    • If changes to asset storage and safety meant you were coming back to absolutely nothing, would that have mattered in your case?


  • What is one piece of advice you can give someone who thinks they need to step away from EVE Online?
  • What is one piece of advice you might give to someone who left long ago, is listening to this podcast, and is considering coming back to EVE Online?
  • If your son or daughter turned 16 and said they wanted to try EVE Online, what would you tell them?
  • What messages do you have for our audience?


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