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Talking in Stations
CCP Fozzie and the News

News around the universe and patch note discussion with CCP Fozzie, Omar Mokhtar and Apollo428

On the show:

  • Matterall
  • Carneros
  • Ashterothi


  • CCP Fozzie, C C P [C C P Alliance]
  • Omar Mokhtar, Destructive Influence [Northern Coalition.]
  • Apollo428, FinFleet [Northern Coalition.]



Show Notes:


  • NC Keepstar destroyed in H-5GUI in Vale of the Silent
  • Snuff attacking low-sec and Pure Blind
  • Etherium Reach Battle
  • Onslaught Expansion
  • War Dec mechanics
  • Jump Bridge Networks – will they make it in time?
  • EVE Pulse
    • auroras on planets – an eve easter egg

Wrap Up:

  • Thanks to INN subscribers and tipsters, and TIS Patreons “colored names”
  • For more information on this and other episodes, visit http://www.talkinginstations.com

Soundtrack: Instrumental – “But Not Tonight” (Depeche Mode)


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