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TIS Report: November 4-10

This is the research document written in article form, created every week for the Sunday Talking in Stations show. Not all that is written gets on the show but we pull from the research document to write the show notes. Notes compiled by TIS Team, Written by January Valentine

Gigx and TheJudge – Destruction of CO2 (Live)

Gigx and TheJudge – Destruction of CO2 (Live)

Recorded live on IMperium.News twitch. 9/12/17 VOD is here – https://www.twitch.tv/videos/174164252 List of speakers: *Matterall – NC (host) *Dirk MacGirk – PL (host) TheJudge – former C02 / turncoat / CSM Member GigX – C02 Knerf – NC Lucian James – C02 FC Beppe – C02 Killah Bee – PL fafer – Ghost Legion / Former CSM Member John Landier – former C02 / current Darkness member / Eve News 24 chief editor Sorticus (Sort Dragon) – Darkness / Former CSM Member Cpt Patrick Archer – Triumvirate Rat Salat – former C02 / Test Creecher Virpio – Test Jay Maricadie...

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