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Talking in Stations
Talking in Stations
TDSIN and HK Evictions

TDSIN and HK Evictions


  • Matterall
  • Elise Randolph (Habitual Euthenasia [Pandemic Legion]) 
  • Carneros (Ancient Hittite Corporation [The Bastion])

Off camera:

  • La Loca Fappuccino (formerly of Ehefkae, now in DEFCON. [The Initiative.])
  • Pandoralica (CEO of DEFCON. [The Initiative.])

Content Guide: 

  • Set up and eviction pre/post change 
  • How did The Initiative get involved in the conflict? (might want to mention the vast amount of small corps that joined the tdsin side )
  • INIT and TDSIN relationship and why against HK (500-600B Loot drop total, mouth trumpet was 300B)
  • What steps does one take to defend your wormhole once you realize this isn’t just a PVP opportunity, this is an attempted eviction?
  • Who was the next null sec group to get involved in the conflict?
  • why have nullsec groups suddenly involved themselves in the wormhole community and what has changed in the              ��
    environment that has allowed nullsec to be involved

        -what does this means for the greater wormhole community now going forward

  • Did TDSIN follow the normal method or do something unusual?
  • Did HK follow the normal method this week too? Or did they do something unusual?

 – attempted eviction of Ehefkae — what’s the story there?

– Also lots of smaller counter evictions going on

– the wormhole civil war  

        – current evictions going on now

 –  Is the wormhole playbook changing?


  • Refund/Rebook for Fanfest trips
  • Recognition of the achievement this past week of NetEase and CCP Games in China


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