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Talking in Stations
Talking in Stations
FW, GMs, & AT

This week on Talking in Stations, the Eve universe had an exciting week of GM shenanigans, the most talked about by far was the teleporting of botting super capitals to highsec space to be publicly executed by hordes of blood thirsty pilots. We also talked with Safoi of Templis Calsf and Corvus Onzo of The Mjolnr Bloc as these two pillars of Caldari Militia leave for other spaces. Finally, we talk with Apothne about the exciting conclusion of the Alliance Tournament and its future.

On the show:

  • Matterall
  • Apothne


  • Safoi, Caldari Caldari Colonial Defense Ministry. [Templis Calsf]
  • Suitonia, Aggressive Feeding [The Felines of the Egg of the Lisa]
  • Corvus Onzo, The Bloc [The Mjolnir Bloc]
  • GM Spider

Show Notes:  

Templis Calsf and The Bloc leave Caldari State Faction Warfare

  • As many have heard, yes both The Bloc and Templis CALSF will be leaving the Caldari / Gallente warzone. Templis will remain within the Caldari Militia, but will operate from Null Sec. The Bloc will remain in name only via holding corp, whilst its corporations and pilots join Shadow Cartel.
  • Templis Calsf departure and plans for the future Safoi
  • departure and plans for the future Corvus Onzo
  • Pain points in FW and his blog post on the tier system Suitonia

GM Week  

  • Day 1 – botting capitals in nullsec teleported to Yulai (highsec) with suspect tag
    • 4 super carriers (Hel) and 4 capitals (2 Thanatos and 2 Nidhogger) 
    • notable alliances were Fraternity and GSF
    • results go as expected
  • Cerberus fleet roaming through Gallente lowsec
  • GM Scavenger Hunt
  • GM rename to player choice
    • current favorite is GM Socket_Closed
  • CCP Blorb update

Alliance Tournament


Wrap Up:

  • Thanks to INN subscribers and tipsters, and TIS Patreons “colored names” 
  • For more information on this and other episodes, visit
  • Thanks Panel, guests, staff (more specific)

Soundtrack: Instrumental – “But Not Tonight” (Depeche Mode)

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