The Million PLEX For Good

The Million PLEX For Good

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Priceless Gold Magnate sold for 3.4 Trillion in PLEX (1 million). All proceeds going to PLEX for GOOD relief efforts. Noraus and Killah Bee talk about diplomacy and war.


  • Matterall (Talking in Stations)

Off camera:

  • Illectroculus Defined aka Scott Manley
  • Kelon Darklight (The Tuskers)
  • Killah Bee (Shiva [Northern Coalition.])
  • Noraus (Nuwa Foundation [Fraternity])

Content Guide: 

  PLEX for Good Gold Magnate

  • Where the Gold Magnate came from and the idea for the auction
  • Scott: Where did you get your ISK 100M
  • Started out doing EVE with daughter
  • “Scott Manley” channel on youtube – 1 million subs (300 million video views)


War of the Dead update 


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