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Talking in Stations
Talking in Stations
War of the Dead

This episode on Talking in Stations, we take a look at the ‘second’ Northern Conflict, nicknamed the ‘War of the Dead’, between Dead Coalition and Northern Coalition. What started as a conflict campaign has been heating up as Northern Coalition. seeks revenge on Dead Coalition. for siding with the Imperium earlier in the year. Killahbee, a Northern Coalition. FC names the conflict ‘War of the Awkward Timezone’ as Dead Coalition and allies are a primary AUTZ and CTZ. In the middle of the show, it was announced that INIT was moving their superfleet and has allied themselves with the defending coalition. CPhinx, a FC from Pandemic Horde chats with us about one of the bigger timers that happened earlier this week. Finally, we’re joined by Lord’s Servant and Kagato Tekeshi, representatives of smaller alliances that have settled in the North. They discuss life post Imperium-invasion for an alliance their size and the political landscape of Tribute, Vale of the Silent, and the surrounding regions.


  • Killah Bee (Shiva [Northern Coalition.])
  • CPhinx (Horde Vanguard. [Pandemic Horde])
  • Lord’s Servant (The Envoy [Forsaken Empire.])
  • Kagato Tekeshi (Repercussus [Reverberation Project])

TIS Crew:

  • Carneros (Ancient Hittite Corporation [The Bastion])
  • January Valentine (Talking in Stations Producer) 


  • G-Star report
  • The Ministry of Love is ganking high sec mission runners today. Be careful.
  • Recent battle: Dread bomb failed in Tenerifis https://zkillboard.com/related/30004829/201911101900/ player error + unforgiving new cyno mechanics prevented the full engagement.
  • Some fallout from the attempted dreadbomb on Fire Coalition rorquals, Pittsburgh, a six year resident and prominent FC from The Imperium was removed. Matterall released an interview with him, you can see it on our YouTube channel
  • Trigger Happy is doing well and collecting new corporations. There are rumors and data points of a couple of substantial corporations joining them this week.
  1. invades GOTG
  • Recent engagements
  • Most popular ship doctrines for this
  • Strategic objectives, if any?
  • Any effect expected from Beat Around the Boosh?
  • Any lessons learned so far
  • PL and BL have both announced their deployment, how do you see them in strategic overview? 

The Nation States of Vale of the Silent and Tribute

  • When regions are steamrolled and the dominant coalition is removed, small entities settle in the area
    • Two neighboring areas with recent full resets
    • Both split up into lots of individual nation-states
    • Tribute and Vale have very different cultures and interactions between the nation-states One region is more a group of small nation-building states. The other region is more of a Querious Fight Club model where they are mostly there to PVP with similarly-scoped organizations.
  • Kagato Tekeshi
    • Where did Reverberation Project come from and what made your region so appealing to settle down in? 
    • Can you describe your relationship with the other entities around you? 
    • I understand you have a ‘No Blocs Allowed’ philosophy, can you elaborate on that?
  • Lord’s Servant

We last spoke in earlier this year in August, can you tell us what has happened during that time period? Has your alliance felt any effects from the Northern Coalition skirmish with GotG? 


  • https://www.twitch.tv/videos/509300629
  • https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/556972486860734476/644998838066610176/unknown.png
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  • https://evewho.com/character/525152718
  • https://br.inyour.space/?s=1303,1304,1324,1324&b=8869170,8869170,8869110,8869175&e=61,62,64,45&t=afrrc
  • http://evemaps.dotlan.net/corp/Repercussus/alliances
  • http://evemaps.dotlan.net/universe/KQK1-2
  • http://evemaps.dotlan.net/corp/Paxton_Federation.
  • http://evemaps.dotlan.net/corp/Higher_Than_Everest
  • https://eve-offline.net/?server=tranquility
  • https://www.gstar.or.kr/eng/
  • https://www.verite.space/maps/influence/20191117.png
  • https://www.verite.space/maps/coalition/Coal20191117.png
  • https://fleetcom.space/battlereport/pswgWe2PJmcZt9BfJ
  • https://zkillboard.com/related/30004829/201911101900/
  • https://twitter.com/CCP_Convict/status/1196075641831075840
  • https://pbs.twimg.com/media/EJfILU0UYAAFkGD?format=jpg&name=4096×4096
  • https://twitter.com/funzinnu/status/1195914316471361536
  • https://www.eveonline.com/article/q0uuob/beat-around-the-boosh-update
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