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Talking in Stations
Talking in Stations
LK1K-5 and EVE Down Under Report

This week on Talking in Stations we have a monumental fight over a Fraternity Fortizar in LK1K-5. What does this mean in the struggle between Legacy Coalition, Winter Coalition and Trumpy? We also go ‘down under’ to review what was announced there by CCP Fozzie including looks at the replacement for the last of the POS modules, as well as anchorables for displaying alliance banners and custom stargates.

On the show:

  • Matterall
  • Carneros
  • Tiberius Stargazer


  • Killah Bee
  • ProgodLegend
  • Otto Bismarck
  • Jay Amazingness

Show Notes:

Fight of LK1K-5

  • 2700 in local, WinterCo saved Fraternity Fort (FWD Op base)
    • Winter Co. LR Titans and Dreads hard countering Tests LR kiting Nightmares
  • Killah Bee is back – FCing machs for many alliances
  • Progod dropped capitals?  Usually he’s a subcap FC
  • What does this mean in the big picture in the struggle over Immensea

New Features, EVE Development


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  • Thank you to our producers Artimus, January, Sarah, and MacCloud


Soundtrack: Instrumental – “But Not Tonight” (Depeche Mode)


Used in the show / further reading: 

fight battle Summary by TanaisNL on Reddit
LK1K Fight on Twitch by iworstplayerever
LK1K Fight Corrected BR
Coalition Sov Influence Map at the time of the LK1K fight
LK1K’s Location
Max Capital Jump range from LK1K
June 4th NER including escalating aggression between Legacy and Eastern Powers
June 14th NER Winter Coalition et all Deploying New Stagings in Immensea.
EDU Fozzie Keynote slides
Eve Down Under entire event video by EDU_Live
Capqu’s Ship design ideas on Eve Online Forums
Eve Player Art CCP vs Travis Musgreat vis a vis his temp ban
NC’s titan loss by Blood Raider Sotiyo NPCs
Player activity tracking feature Image by CCP

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