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Talking in Stations
Talking in Stations
High-Sec Incursions

On this episode, Ron, Artimus, and Silver talk to Blobert Jenerik of Warp to Me Incursions about High Sec Incursions. The Southern War continues to escalate as The Army of Mango Alliance fromally enters the war on Legacy’s side.


  • Blobert Jenerik (Not A Holder) {Warp to Me Incursions}
  • Toh Kay Manifess (Free New Galaxy INC) {Warp to Me Incursions}


  • Artimus Albosa   (NOIR.)
  • RonUSMC   (Dreddit [Test Alliance Please Ignore])
  • Silver Suspiria   (Mecha Enterprises Fleet [Federation Uprising])

HS Incursions

  • Influx of 0.0 refugees?
  • Death of TVP
  • Revival of TDF
  • The “unannounced change” to Incursion spawning

The Army of Mango Alliance has entered the Southern War!

  • Deal between Winter Co. and AOM, similar to NIP
  • Negotiations fail to reconcile the threat to WC with AOM’s obligations to its allies, AOM joins the war and allies with Legacy

Something you might not know

  • Artimus:  Using the “Reply” function in the Eve Portal 2019 app only replies to the sender of the mail and not to any of the other recipients. It is a generic “reply” not a “reply all”
  • Ron:
  • Silver:  When jumping a Dread be sure to STOP fully before hitting siege, or you will find yourself in Jita by the time you stop :P:
  • Blobert: According to lore all Sansha Incursion Rats are supposed to be abducted from systems in New Eden. The Sansha all have the system they were abducted from, in their name. The Deltoles for example are taken from Deltole and have the control implant in the Tegmentum.
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