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Talking in Stations
Talking in Stations
New Wormhole Crews (The Hole Story)

TIS: The Hole Story – looks at new wormhole crews. How they form and make their way through the universe

  • ExookiZ  The Dark Space Initiative [Scary Wormhole People]
  • Tel’Kontar – The Grey Eagles [-GE.-]
  • Orin Borider – The Mighty Beans [BEEEN]
  • Malachird – Protostarr [PRTST]

Tell us about yourself, are you leadership? not?

What has your EVE journey been?

Tell us about your corporation, what part of WH space do you live in, timezone what do you “DO” in wormhole space?

What brought you/ your corp to WH space?

Why have they stayed? – If youve spent a lot of time outside of WHs, how does it compare?

Do you miss stuff from K space? – Favorite WH story/moments

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