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Talking in Stations
Talking in Stations
Shifting Alliances

The season closes with Vily and Killah Bee stopping in to update us on politics in 0.0, specifically in the southeast where TEST has dissolved the NIP with Fraternity. In a turn of events, TEST works with Fraternity and PL to obstruct the Imperium attack on a Keepstar in Camal, Derelik, (after the podcast ends). TIS gives away a Rorqual live and announces an Avatar Titan give away to one fortunate fan.

  • Matterall  Destructive Influence Corporation [Northern Coalition]
  • Carneros Ancient Hittite Corporation Corporation [The Bastion]
  • Dunk Dinkle   Brave Newbies Inc. [Brave, Legacy Coalition]
  • Vily Spartan Vanguard Corporation [TEST Alliance, Legacy Coalition]
  • Killah Bee   Shiva Corporation [Northern Coalition]

Alliance Influence Map at the time of the show by Verite
Coalition Influence Map at the time of the show by Verite

Legacy Coalition ends NIP with Winter Coalition

u/NicoBedala’s Reddit thread ‘test end the nip with frt’
Image collage of responses to u/NicoBedala’s reddit thread relating to why the NIP ended
Eve Online Coalition lists by Chuggi and Rischwa Amatin

Vily previews the Camal fight (hours before it happens)

u/DazzledTad’s Reddit thread ‘Camal Keepstar (PHEW) reinforced by BBC’
The Camal system on Dotlan
u/Losobie’s Reddit thread ‘Provi goes for the jugular’ detailing the sides of the conflict also warring over the keepstar in Camal
Battle Report of the fort defences in YQB-22 referenced in u/Losobie’s Reddit thread by
Corporations in the alliance Purple Helmeted Warriors on Dotlan
Lest Nyx lossmail detailing PHEWs relations with significant Nullsec Blocks by zKillboard

Los Angeles Meetup just passed on the 16th of March

Max Singularity VI on EveWho
Lady Scarlet on EveWho
Gobbins in EveWho
Photo for them LA Meetup on March 16th 2019

CCPs Articles and Dev Blogs out this week

CCP’s Eve Amsterdam Megablog – First leg of the ‘Eve Invasion World Tour’
CCP’s most significant balance change dev blog in Years – ‘SPRING BALANCE UPDATE INCOMING!’

Avatar giveaway to podcast fans, entry information tbd

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